Thread Unroll – Senator Azam Swati`s plight via @AzamKhanSwatiPK

Disclaimer: This is an unroll of the thread done by Senator Azam Khan Swati who can be contacted on the twitter handle @AzamKhanSwatiPK

Gen. Bajwa Sb The entire Nation knows by now, the extent of Extrajudicial Punishment given to me while addressing you by name, in a constitutionally protected tweet by a senior citizen and sitting senator.

No one knew that it was so heinous unwritten offense that earlier subjected me to face

  • Mutiny
  • Illegal raid on my house
  • Theft of personal property & vandalism in the house
  • Beating of domestic staff  
  • Arrest & physical assault in presence of family & granddaughters
  • Worst physical torture in car while transporting me to unknown location
  • Stripping off clothes at an unknown location & making video at that location on way to FIA police station
  • Prevailing on PIMS medical team
  • Taking police remand 3 times from the lower courts

Gen. Bajwa Sb to a few in power if this  grave inhuman, cruel & unusual punishment was not enough they stooped further to lowest level releasing most despicable personal video of a married grandmother & grandfather to seal his lips & overrun his conscience under duress .

Gen. Bajwa sb today, dark pages of history with worse kinds of oppression have been unleashed & meted at a 74 years old Sitting Senator & many others. He is not the first or the last to be dishonored.

There are thousands but none dared to come in public to expose the predators. What is done to me cannot be undone but..

I am doing it to protect the most sacred institutions of marriage in Islam & any potential victims which can be a common citizen, a journalist, a student, an MNA, a senator, a technocrat, a businessman, a bureaucrat, a religious scholar, a teacher, a lawyer or a general.  

History tells us that 60 years ago even the cruelest person Adolph Hitler could not stop historians from depicting, recording, and preserving the horrors and brutalities of the Holocaust.

We are living in an age of information, tech, and hype of social-media which is a disguised blessing, a voice, and a spokesman for the voiceless, weak, vulnerable, and it is available to both powerful & powerless.

Therefore the pages of history will remember us and eventually truth will be evident and it is destined to prevail.

Gen. Bajwa sb now Pakistan’s history will be preserved by the most effective tool of social media by the writers and historians in which overseas Pakistanis will play a vital role in freeing Pakistan from the shackles of slavery and oppression.

We all will wait. Time is the best teacher and observer. History will be written with evidence as to who destroyed our economic, political, and social structure for personal gains, and greed?

Originally tweeted by Senator Azam Khan Swati (@AzamKhanSwatiPk) on November 10, 2022.


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