#NEOM – The new future being crafted by Prince MbS

Saudi Arabia is attempting to build a city like no other. The city will be called NEOM and instead of covering a large radius, this city will be built in a liner line!

Why should you go for an MBA

Planning for your career is very important. That way, you can get the right education, skills and a job that will benefit you and your future. 

Al-Aqsa under attack!

https://twitter.com/RiverToSea48/status/1391900946259644417 Since the last few days Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood have been protesting against the illegal takeover of their homes by Israeli settlers. Last week these tensions spilled over into Al Aqsa mosque when police stormed into masjid al Aqsa as Muslim men and women were worshiping and fasting during the holy …

Tourism in Pakistan : An Untapped Potential

Tourism has approximatly 10.5 per cent share in Global GDP. It contributes 3.5 per cent of total GDP of Asia. Despite huge potential, Pakistan has very weak tourism industry. The snow-covered Himalayas, lush green valleys, charismatic lakes and meadows, diverse cultures and historical buildings present tremendous opportunities for tourism industry. Sadly, share of the tourism …

Challenges of Muslim Ummah and Way Forward

Muslims account for 23 per cent of the world’s population. Jews are almost 0.02 percent of the world. A short comparison of two ambrahamic religions, Islam and Judaism, reveals astonishing facts. Twenty percent of Nobel laureates are Jews while only 11 Muslims have won Nobel Prize. Only two Muslim scientists have won the Nobel Prize …

What will happen to the $23 trillion debt?

The history of U.S debt! Many factors have contributed to the US debt rising to a whooping $23 trillion, one key factor is ...yes you know it..never ending wars! Wars are funded by debt..as long as there are wars..there will be debt. #Iran #Iraq

Major U.S. Military Contractors Stand to Reap Huge Windfalls from Escalation of Conflict with Iran

Meet the CEOs Raking It in from Trump’s Aggression toward Iran

Global Research, January 07, 2020
Nation of Change 6 January 2020

CEOs of major U.S. military contractors stand to reap huge windfalls from the escalation of conflict with Iran. This was evident in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. assassination of a top Iranian military official last week. As soon as the news reached financial markets, these companies’ share prices spiked, inflating the value of their executives’ stock-based pay.

I took a look at how the CEOs at the top five Pentagon contractors were affected by this surge, using the most recent SEC information on their stock holdings.

Northrop Grumman executives saw the biggest increase in the value of their stocks after the U.S. airstrike that killed Qasem Suleimani on January 2. Shares in the B-2 bomber maker rose 5.43 percent by the end of trading…

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Kashmir, 5th August 2019

Stories from Occupied Jammu and Kashmir – Saood Nazir

About my last post about the army torturing four boys in Shopian, According to one of the victims, the army barged into their home around 12:30 AM on August 12 and directly called for his name. After they found him sleeping upstairs, he was beaten and given electric shocks to his body. This didn’t last …

Silencing The Truth

Truth indeed is a powerful weapon, which is perhaps the reason why social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have now decided to filter any content which mentions Kashmir. https://twitter.com/arsched/status/1163803181090070528 https://twitter.com/AliJaved24/status/1163601741096640513 Ever since 5 August when the Indian authorities imposed a curfew in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, many activists from around …

#Kashmir Still Under Lock Down

It has been 2 weeks since Kashmir has been under lock down. There are soldiers outside every house, the ratio of troops to civilians is almost 12 : 1 . https://twitter.com/Vidyut/status/1163204016232206336 People have started to run out of food stocks and medicines, there have been reports of as many as 4000 people under forced detention. …

Kashmir: A Letter to my Mother — Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Inamul Haq A ‘state of exception’ is a lawless void, in which the state authorities act in extreme situations with the force of law. The force of law makes law and life indistinguishable. via Kashmir: A Letter to my Mother — Cafe Dissensus Everyday

Kashmir Stories – Sanna Wani

  https://twitter.com/sannareya/status/1158693209847017472 Yesterday morning, I left Kashmir with an extremely heavy heart. Here is a (very long) thread from a Kashmiri who was just inside the Valley, on curfew and what I saw going on Rumors have been going all summer that Modi’s government was cooking up some way to abrogate Articles 35A and 370. …


Kashmir, heaven on earth is about to be turned into a genocide zone by the Indian occupying forces. Kashmir was already a highly miliarized zone with 0.7 million Indian troops deployed in the valley, in February 2019, India deployed an additional 10000 troops and this resulted in a short scale war between India and Pakistan …

NZ Mosque Shooter Either Ex-Military or Trained by Ex-Military?

The Most Revolutionary Act

In my view, the most lucid commentary on yesterday’s mosque shooting in Christchurch comes from international security analyst Dr Paul G Buchanan, director of 36th Parallel Assessments. The latter is a non-partisan non-governmental geopolitical risk and strategic analysis consultancy located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Buchanan, an American expatriate, is a former intelligence and defense policy analyst and consultant to US government security agencies.

As quoted in a Radio New Zealand interview, Buchanan points out that automatic and semi-automatic weapons are extremely hard to come by in New Zealand without a license. “The weapon, from what I can tell, may have been modified. It takes some technical skills to modify a hunting weapon into something that’s semi-automatic. [The shooter] had high capacity magazines and may have used a bump stock which was used by the Las Vegas shooter.

Buchanana adds that the shooter’s skill set indicates he is…

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Eight Thoughts On The Christchurch Attack

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Eight Thoughts On The Christchurch Attack – Caitlin Johnstone – Medium


With permission from

Three people are currently in custody in New Zealand for terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch. As of this writing, 49 people are dead and 48 people are being treated for gunshot wounds. Explosives were found in two vehicles but none were detonated. It was the worst attack of its kind in New Zealand’s history.

One of the three individuals, a 28 year-old Australian man, live-streamed himself shooting mosque attendees and published a white nationalist manifesto explaining his motives. I don’t feel like linking to either of these things, the former because sharing it would be gross and the latter because the manifesto contains calls for further acts of terrorism and suggestions as to how they might be carried out, as well as instructions on how best to circulate white nationalist…

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Jammu and Kashmir: The Political Consequences of the Pulwama Attack

Welcome to Kashmir!

Naiem Ur Rehman

The car stopped on the side of the road. The army man had waived driver for the same.

“What is in the bag?” asked the man in the khaki uniform.
“Clothes,” I replied.
“And in that one?” The muzzle of his gun pointing towards the other bag.
“Books”. I said a little frightened.
“Open it”, he dictated.

As much as I wanted to show this man a strong fist, I didn’t. I felt like the kid who didn’t want to do the things but was forced too. I unzipped the bag and showed this ungentlemanly security personnel the book in my bag.

He now turned to the bag lying in the front seat of the vehicle and started looking for God-knows-what in that bag. I am so sure that he had hoped to find this mysterious thing in my bag too but was disappointed. And I could certainly see…

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Get to know Robin Hood Army and Hamara Ghar via @musher_01

Not all heroes wear capes, some collect food which the affluent don`t have need of while some provide much needed assistance to girls so they can follow their dreams. Robin Hood Army and Hamara Ghar are 2 such charity based initiatives in Pakistan. 

Sir Syed’s relevance in contemporary India

Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Javid Ahmad Ahanger

The founder of Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s 201st birth anniversary was celebrated on 17 October 2018 at a time when the whole debate is about nationalism and hyper-nationalism in India. We are living in strange times where false narratives are constructed by none other than ruling establishment [BJP] to push their political project. The party is working overtime to erase the past and create new versions of past on falsehood and lie. The past lies are now accepted as final truths because the rulers of the day don’t like to accept the past reality.

The divisive politics of right-wing parties is the only accepted norm in present-day India. From South to North and East to West, the only principle that has helped the ruling establishment to capture power is mobilizing the voters on a communal platform and other similar issues. It is…

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