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A humanitarian crisis is unfolding inside Pakistan as thousands of citizens from every walk of life are protesting against the prime minister after his mega corruption was exposed in Panama papers. The Papers appear to have badly dented the credibility of the Prime Minister. Sharif made a couple of…

Quetta bleeds yet again.

Terror struck once again at the heart of Baluchistan. 61 police cadets including one military captain embraced martyrdom and almost 117 were injured when the Police Training Centre in Quetta was attack last night by “unknown” terrorists. According to eye witness reports, the terrorists struck around 930 pm when the cadets had gone to sleep. 3-5 terrorists stormed the watch tower of the academy which was manned by only 1 guard who did not have appropriate weapons to respond to the initial attack, as a result the guard had to abandon his post. This allowed the terrorists to storm the academy and carry out a free run massacre of “unarmed” cadets who were not even supposed to be in the academy as all of them had passed out and gone to their homes 2 days ago, but for some unknown reason these cadets were called back to the academy. Continue reading

When abusing the women becomes a norm. | #ThaparWala

This list could have been very lengthy, there are clips which cannot be shown here, incidents which are too explicit to be shared. But they all point towards a single problem and that is our inability to see our own faults. As I said earlier, it is not about uniform versus media, it is about injustice and oppression. We have oppressed our nation willingly, we don`t like to face the monsters in our closet. Every time a problem surfaces, we divert it towards something else. That guard slapped the female reporter not because she tugged on his uniform, but because somewhere deep in his mind he believed that women are inferior and that his uniform will help him get away unscathed. The issue was the way we treat women, but our pseudo-intellectuals or the moral brigade turned it into a matter of Uniform vs media. Which is yet another problem, people in uniform should not be immune, they deserve our respect but this doesn`t mean every individual wearing a uniform is above the law. Continue reading

When a woman sees glory

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What is status of woman in our society? It poses a challenging question. Girl is not liked even woman does not like to give birth to baby girl. There is psychological conditioning in their mind that woman is other name of slavery and servitude. Daughter is great workforce in the family,…

Aiman’s Suicide story

Originally posted on samianalyst:
Once I was child, I always stereotyped things in best fit frames of life. When I started school, I tried to discover the world from un-walled environs.Hoping to come up to the expectations is worst psychological pressure, a student always meet in his life. I felt the burden of being praised…


Originally posted on The Grumpy Doctor:
The treatment of minorities in the judicial system, under the blasphemy law, has become the most profound human rights crisis facing Pakistan in 2016. SC’s failure to hold the pressure of religious fanatics and refusal to Asia Bibi’s final appeal hearing not only undermines any progress that we have made…

Will Shia lives ever matter?

Last night I saw the news of four women murdered by “unidentified assailants”after being recognized as Hazara Shia populating my Twitter feed. I was disturbed and eager for more details so I turned the television on but couldn’t find anything of much relevance so I kept scrolling through my news feed and these details, as we … Continue reading

Medical school – Expectation vs Reality

Since childhood, I had romantic notions on the life of a doctor. Glory, respect, prestige and honor came into my mind whenever I looked at medical profession. The sense of power, satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with being a healer always appealed to me in an instinctual way. And I was still a child when I had decided to become a doctor. I’ll complete my schooling, pass the MCAT, go to a med school, do my internship at some fancy big hospital and become a cool doctor to serve the humanity, be a hero. Continue reading

Things we learned from #Supergirl

Supergirl tells the story of KaraZor-El an alien girl who was sent on earth to protect her cousin. But her pod got knocked off-course and by the time she got on earth her cousin had already grown up and become Superman. She, with the help of her friends, uses her superpowers to fight aliens and protect the innocent people and this planet. “Supergirl” takes its audience on an adventure filled with incredible joy, thrill, twists and wonderful life lessons. Continue reading

The Killings in Kashmir(Indian Occupied): Kavita Krishnan

Originally posted on KAFILA – 10 years of a common journey:
Guest Post by KAVITA KRISHNAN An appeal to the conscience of every Indian citizen – to tune down the shrill media noise for a bit, take a step back from the easy, packaged ‘discourse’ being dished out, and ask try and ask ourselves some uncomfortable…