Jinnahs stance on Palestine

  "May I point out to Great Britain that this question of Palestine, if not fairly and squarely met, boldly and courageously decided, is going to be the turning point in the history of the British Empire. I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world, and …


Deception of the system

Deception, is a word we often use, the word carries far deeper meanings than we perceive. Deception is not just trickery, it is infact a tool, a vital tool for the ruling elite to keep the masses under control, to play with them like puppets without them even realising that they are being played with. …

Like Herding Cats: My not-so-simple struggle through modern activism in the quest of finding reasonable steps towards peace inside of International Conflicts.

Reblogging this post because it speaks of rising up from our prejudices and being a humanitarian,I strongly believe that deep down every religion preaches humanitarianism.

(true) Radicalism in the 21st Century

Hello World-

My name is Madison. Like many writing a blog, I am a twentysomething year old towards the end of my college career and seeking my true path in life…..not that I can ever know completely what that is, but the passion I have towards finding it seems to be helping me through. When I’m not obsessively thinking about the global implications of capitalism, consciousness, the state of our world’s class structure, and issues of social equality, I spend my time as an active painter, singer, traveler, reader, student, hot-sauce connoisseur, INFP, and modern day radical.

Wait a minute…….


I know what you’re thinking- seriously, I do. Everything else sounds fine, but really?  A self-proclaimed radical? That word is -quite literally- thrown all over the place as a buzz word to either scare or to show fanatical allegiance to a one-sided cause, depending on the generation. “What’s so new?”…

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Allama Iqbal: Causes of Muslim Disunity (Part One)

The renowned philosopher, academic and orientalist T. Arnold famously said regarding his pupil Allama Muhammad Iqbal that “Iqbal is a man of his age, a man ahead of his age and a man at war with his age”.  For centuries, the Muslim civilisation has produced unique thinkers and philosophers from the likes of Ghazali and …

The Necessity of Change and Intellectual Enlightenment

From east to west, the primary and most important source of jurisprudential ruling and guidance for Muslims is the Holy Qur’an. Without an atom of doubt, the basis of change whether on a national or global scale commences with individual change. This change is based on awareness and intellectual enlightenment. The fore-mentioned predicate is based upon Qur’anic injunctions in addition to being a principle witnessed throughout history prior to the changing fate, destiny and direction of nations. It is asserted in the Qur’an that “Verily, Allah does not change the state of a people until they bring about a change in themselves”

Increasing the efficiency of Welfare Organizations

Pakistan is facing an existential crisis right now, there is a total bureaucratic and administrative nightmare in the country . According to rough estimates almost 60-70% population lives under Rs 300 per day. That makes it almost Rs 9000 per month, keeping the inflationary rate in mind, it is almost impossible for them to live …

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