What will happen to the $23 trillion debt?

The history of U.S debt! Many factors have contributed to the US debt rising to a whooping $23 trillion, one key factor is ...yes you know it..never ending wars! Wars are funded by debt..as long as there are wars..there will be debt. #Iran #Iraq

Major U.S. Military Contractors Stand to Reap Huge Windfalls from Escalation of Conflict with Iran

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Meet the CEOs Raking It in from Trump’s Aggression toward Iran

Global Research, January 07, 2020
Nation of Change 6 January 2020

CEOs of major U.S. military contractors stand to reap huge windfalls from the escalation of conflict with Iran. This was evident in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. assassination of a top Iranian military official last week. As soon as the news reached financial markets, these companies’ share prices spiked, inflating the value of their executives’ stock-based pay.

I took a look at how the CEOs at the top five Pentagon contractors were affected by this surge, using the most recent SEC information on their stock holdings.

Northrop Grumman executives saw the biggest increase in the value of their stocks after the U.S. airstrike that killed Qasem Suleimani on January 2. Shares in the B-2 bomber maker rose 5.43 percent by the end of trading…

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