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Revolution demands sacrifice.

This article has been published on ARY Blogs : Visit the following link Revolution needs sacrifices. Sacrifice of blood,wealth and time. All 3 factors are vital for a successful life. But what is a successful life? One where you live happily with your family in a comfortable home and enjoy all the luxuries bestowed … Continue reading

Tyranny of Criminals in Government

It has been almost a week since the Model Town Massacre. The official death toll has now reached 15 with more injured succumbing to their injuries every day. Whereas as many as 17 dead bodies are still missing and hundreds have been injured. One fails to understand why the Punjab Police didn`t use non lethal … Continue reading

State Terrorism

At around 2 am on 17th June 2014, Punjab Police raided the Minhaj ul Quran International Secretariat in Model Town, Lahore. They claimed that their purpose was to removed the barriers and security detail of the secretariat, however the officials of Minhaj ul Quran produced a court order which was issued in 2011 by the … Continue reading

10 Point Agenda

On 11th May 2014, Dr. Qadri announced his 10 point agenda for the prosperity of Pakistan. The agenda is quite simple and easy to understand and every sane person would agree with all the points of the agenda. However some people raise questions as to how Dr.Qadri will generate the resources which are required to … Continue reading

A sad and tragic day.

9 June 2014, close to midnight, a group of heavily armed Uzbek(TTP/IMU) terrorists attacked the old Karachi Airport at Terminal 1.For those who are not aware of the dynamics of Karachi, terminal 1 is used as a cargo and VVIP terminal, it is at some distance from the operational Jinnah terminal which is also called … Continue reading

A brief look at key figures in the budget.

The Finance bill 2014-15 has been presented, nothing extra ordinary was included in the budget. This years budget seems like a stark reflection of last years budget with a few changes.In simple words, the current budget appears like an extension of the last years budget with renewed figures. Analysis of Key Factors:   This is … Continue reading

Rise of masses is inevitable.

This article has been published on ARY blogs. Visit the following link. Do not be mistaken, this is not an extension of Marxist ideology. Although Marx`s ideas were revolutionary and geared towards a revolution of the working class, but his theory on the economic revolution is impractical . This article is about the revolution which … Continue reading