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Mass Poisoning in #Pakistan via @MubasherLucman

  Watch the entire show to see the extent of massive poisoning being done in Pakistan. For those who cannot understand Urdu, let me explain it briefly. In a race to cut the costs for the maximisation of profits, most of the factory owners and manufacturers of edible goods are using harmful substances. Substances so … Continue reading

Updates from #Palestine via @Khadijahzahid

When was the last time you heard about Palestine? Was it in the news? Every now and then, Palestine makes it to the headlines, but it is almost never portrayed in a positive light by the mainstream media. The purpose of this post is not to delve deep into a political discussion. The purpose of … Continue reading

Lynched and Burned Alive in a Kiln

Last week, in a small village known as Kot Radha Kishan, a sad and brutal incident took place which sadly failed to move the nation yet again. A young couple belonging to the Christian faith was lynched and then burned alive in a brick kiln. Why? What had they done to deserve this horrible form … Continue reading

Pakistan’s Revolution – a Real Uprising or a Political Tantrum?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a post on my view of the current revolution that’s going on in Pakistan. Since I’ve been paying close attention to the events that have unraveled since August, my opinion is pretty biased and doesn’t reflect the views of any foreigner that gets his/her sources … Continue reading