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Jamhooriyat Ka Husn (The ‘Beauty’ of Democracy)

The following poem written in the nazm form exposes the so-called system of Democracy in Pakistan. It touches upon political, religious and social themes in general. It is intended that the readers will question the reality of democracy in Pakistan and support Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in his mission of bringing about true democracy in Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah as a whole.

Terey Koocho-o-Baazar Ka (Ghazal)

The following poem is written in the Ghazal form addressing and questioning the Beloved. The lover calls out to the Beloved of his heart-felt pain, sorrow and distress due to the anguish of separation. It is the Beloved who is also the 'Saaqi', the one who intoxicates the lover through his presence, his glance and …

Plan [C]haos

Originally written for Lex Solo`s Political Rantings.   J.F Kennedy said: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." The people of Pakistan are on streets since June. This movement reached its peak in August when Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan took all the protesters to the state capital. The whole state got …

A Poetic Response To PTI Trolls

This poem is a response to PTI trolls in the poetic form. It must be affirmed that I respect the great Imran Khan, the legendary Cricketer, Captain, Socialist and Revolutionary leader of Pakistan. I respect the true and sincere workers of PTI and its tigers. This response is ONLY aimed at those who stoop to …

Former Director General Inter-Services Intelligence, Lieutenant General (R) Hamid Gul

An interesting interview of Former DG ISI , the man who was at the forefront of the Afghan war in 80`s.

In the Mainstream

DSCN0517-001 “Fear is no policy, and surrender is no option,” said Hamid Gul. 

Hamid Gul is a retired three-star general, and Pakistan’s former spymaster. He is a daring man whose life in general, and career in Pakistan Army in particular, is marked by courage. He joined Pakistan Army in 1958, and has led an illustrious military life. His father and grandfather were also in the military. Gen Hamid Gul has served as Tank Commander during the Indo-Pak War of 1965, at the Chiwanda front. He was a prominent figure of the Zia ul Haq regime. During the Soviet Union’s 1979 war in Afghanistan, he actively led efforts against the foreign intervention.

In 1992, he resigned from Pakistan Army, but has continued to actively participate in the national life.

I was nervous about the meeting, initially, after it was finalized. But upon meeting him, I found him to be a warm and…

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Shamaa-e-Ishq (The Flame of Love)

The poem sheds light upon the travellers path to the Beloved via the route of Love. Love burns everything. Love burns the heart. Love burns the very composition, existence and physical matter of Man. Love burns logic and rational thought. Through love one reaches the Beloved, a station where knowledge and physical actions without spiritual …

Nizaam-e-Kuhan-o-Nau (The Old and New Systems)

Nizaam-e-Kuhan-o-Nau Nizam-e-Kuhan: Poocha Logon Ney Mujh Sey ‘Ey Zaalim, Tera Naam?” Bata Deta Hoon Tujh Ko Mera Andaaz-e-Kaam! Meri Manzil-e-Muraad Hai Daulat-o-Aiwaan Qatal-o-NaInsaafi Par Hai Mera Imaan! Ye Meri Wazaarat Jis Pey Hai Jahaan Ko Naaz Kursi-o-Izzat-e-Nafs Hai Merey Dil Ka Raaz! Mujhe Hirs-o-Laalach Taht-o-Hakumat Ka! Nahin Samaan-o-Fursat Qadam-e-Musbat Ka! Azal Sey Hoon Barbaadi-e-Qaum Pey …

Axe falls upon the blind.

Updated @ 2:50am | Added the video clipping   It seems as if the Punjab police has taken an oath to never learn from their past "mistakes". Today once again in an excellent show of bravery and valour, young officers of Punjab police unleashed the wrath of their batons and fists upon a bunch of …