Extreme Weather Phenomenon

This article is not going to be like my usual articles, full of geo-political stuff, no. It`ll be about weather and a very very grave news, which has been, I believe shown on international media networks like CNN and BBC. Karachi, the biggest metropolitan city and the economical hub of Pakistan, suffered an extreme heatwave …


Translating Allama Iqbal: A Preview of ‘National Life’ (1904)

Background Those who stand well informed regarding Allama Muhammad Iqbal and his thought and are well aware of the various stages of his life in terms of the development of his philosophical thought. In the life of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, there are three distinct periods, or stages, of thought. Although many academics and scholars of …

Model Town Massacre: An International Human Rights Prespective

According to the political philosophy of the renowned 18th century thinker Rousseau,(1) individual sovereignty as to certain rights and freedoms is transferred from each individual to the state. In return, the state ensures the granting, protecting and preserving of certain rights that are given to each individual of the state. Thus, individuals become citizens.(2) This concept is known as ‘The Social Contract’ and plays a pivotal role in the modern nation-state theory.(3) Based on this mutually understood premise, it is a legal and constitutional responsibility of the state to uphold and protect the respective rights to the citizens of the state.

Talibanization: The Whole Problem Is the Gawadar Port and Trade Route

The original article was written in 2010 and can be found on OpEd News website on this link. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Talibanization-The-Whole-by-Khalid-Baig-100901-169.html By Khalid Baig  Posted by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall . Text in italic indicates addition by Operation Pakistan. This is a long article, but the information it contains is mind-blowing. It gives the real geopolitical reasons for the …

The Importance of Faith in an Age of Reason

The question of faith and reason is one that has intrigued philosophers since the dawn of human civilisation. In a tradition sense, both faith and reason are sources from which knowledge have been and continues to be derived. This is the case as both faith and reason can purportedly serve the epistemic (1) function of religious thought. In essence, this short article intends to shed light on the importance of faith in an age of reason. In particular, what faith can give Man that reason cannot.

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