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Live with dignity,die with honour.

23rd March 1940,was the day when All India Muslim League,convened a convention in “Minto Park (Now known as Minar e Pakistan), a joint and unanimous resolution was passed ,in the presence of a crowd of millions,which called for the creation of a separate state for the Muslims.The Lahore Resolution was constructed upon the Allahabad address … Continue reading

Illusion of Modern Banking System

Slavery never ended,it just changed its form. The myth of modern day banking system is so simple and in your face that it is hard to belive that the entire world had been fooled for over 80 years. There are 2 parts to the fraud of modern banking system. First. The creation of money. Second. … Continue reading

Khawarij; Who and what are they!

The word “Khawarij” is being increasingly used nowadays. What is this phenomenon that everyone calls as Khawarij? We are going to attempt and find out who and exactly what are these Khawarij and how to identify them. The word Khawarij is a plural of Khariji,its root word is khuruj,which means to leave the main body,to … Continue reading