#MinaStampede during #Hajj and our reaction!

Hajj - when millions of Muslims flock to Makkah, to find the temple of God within, to wash away their sins and realize their true purpose. Hajj, is not just a religious ritual, it is a journey towards self realization. This year the Muslims all across the globe are holding their hearts in pain after the series of unfortunate events which have occurred before and during the hajj.

#BadaberAttack| Attack on Badaber PAF camp.

On 18th September 2015 at the time of dawn prayers, the Badaber PAF camp in the suburbs of Peshawar was attacked by almost 14 armed terrorists dressed in FC uniforms. According to preliminary reports, the terrorists entered the base from 2 locations and were immediately thwarted by the manned outposts. From that point the terrorists split up into 3 teams. As 2 teams engaged the military personnel on duty, one team of terrorists managed to rush towards a mosque where the dawn prayers were being offered.

Pakistan clamping down upon terror financing.

Times are changing, new alliances are being forged between the East and the West, old enemies are becoming friends and international boundaries are being altered. Amidst all the chaos and panic which seems to have gripped Asia, Pakistan a country which was for a long time seen as the hub of terror is now turning a new page.