Al-Aqsa under attack!

Since the last few days Palestinians living in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood have been protesting against the illegal takeover of their homes by Israeli settlers. Last week these tensions spilled over into Al Aqsa mosque when police stormed into masjid al Aqsa as Muslim men and women were worshiping and fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

As scores of Palestinians continued to flock to Al Aqsa mosque, Israeli authorities intensified their crackdown. According to media reports over 300 Palestinian protesters were injured and arrested.

The situation further escalated on 10th May when Israeli authorities stormed Al Aqsa with rubber bullets and tear gas, as hundreds of Muslims were gathered early in the morning.

The escalated tensions spilled over into other parts of occupied Palestine. Around mid day a video emerged of an Israeli settler, ramming his car into a group of protesters.

As the situation further escalated, Israel bombed several places in Gaza, that resulted in 20 fatalities, including at least 9 children and multiple injuries.

Meanwhile hundreds of settlers flooded into Jerusalem to mark “Yom Yerushalem” or “Jerusalem day” which is celebrated by Israeli settlers to commemorate the violent military take over of Jerusalem, as a result of the 6 day war. As the celebrations were going on around the wailing wall. Fire erupted within the Al Aqsa compound.

Several videos emerged where the settlers can be clearly seen celebrating the fire break out in Al Aqsa mosque. A short while later, as Palestinians gathered to pray the “Tarawih prayers” on the 29th night of Ramadan. Israeli authorities once again stormed the Al Aqsa mosque.

Escalation in violence by the Israeli authorities during the month of Ramadan is common, however this time the nature of escalation is more intense, as Israeli settlers have become increasingly active ever since the former U.S President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel, which was followed by the Abraham accords done with gulf states to normalize relations with Israel.

The Abraham accords promised to reduce tensions but the sharp increase in violence against Palestinians and the implementation of apartheid policies against Palestinians in their own country, shows a different picture.

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