Day 1 – Day 5 Updates

Get the latest updates about the #HaqiqiAzadi march being led by Former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

28/10/22 | 11:00 am : People have started gathering at Liberty Chowk

28/10/22 | 1:00 pm : Crowd building up just before Friday prayers.

28/10/2022 | 3:00 pm : Long march kicks off

Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan starts off the long march by calling out the spy chief DG ISI for meddling in political affairs.

People are going crazy in Lahore!

Festive atmosphere all around. People march as sounds systems blast off Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan`s immortal Dam Mast Qalandar!

Twitter users from across the globe are catching on the vibe!

28/10/22 | 8:00 pm : Crowd swells as night sets in

Imran Khan seems to be enjoying it as Abrar ul Haq sings his famous Imported Hukumat Namanzor anthem to charged protesters.

Drone footage of the protest march at night over Shahdarah.

The passion with which Pakistanis are pouring out on the streets in support of Imran Khan and against the US backed regime is unprecedented.

Just In | PEMRA bans live coverage of the long march.

28/10/22 | MIDNIGHT | Day 1 of the long march ends with massive participation by the people of Lahore.

Day 1 ends at Shahdarah. Here is an amazing video collage to end the day.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan Speech at Data Darbar in Lahore – YouTube

Day 2 of the long march will begin at 11:00 am PST on 29th October 2022, from Shahdarah onwards.

29/10/22 | 11:00 am : March starts its second day from Data Darbar Lahore

Imported Hukumat Namanzoor by Abrar ul Haq seems to be a favourite song of Imran Khan.

2 iron ladies, Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Andleeb Abbas together.
For those who do not know, Mr Jhagra is calling out the sitting interior minister to treat Al Jazeera the same way that journalists and supporters of Imran Khan are being treated in Pakistan. In the last 6 months, prominent journalists and social media activists have been arrested, harassed, tortured and sexually abused by the US backed regime.

Day 2 ends at the small town of Muridke outside Lahore.

30/10/22 | 11:00 am : Day 3 of the long march begins from Muridke.

30/10/22 | 02:00 pm : Crossed Muridke and marching towards Sadhoke. People are pouring out in massive numbers to welcome Imran Khan and become a part of the biggest protest movement in the history of Pakistan.

People from small cities and villages are joining the long march in huge numbers.

30/10/22 | 05:00 pm : Imran Khan calls out the powerful establishment/deep state on white washing the corruption of the political and bureaucratic elite. Khan pledges that the deep state may have forgiven the corrupt plunderers but this nation is never going to accept this travesty.

30/10/22 | 07:00 pm : A sad and tragic incident has just happened. Sadaf Naeem, a journalist working with Channel 5, passed away after slipping over the road divider and falling under a truck. Imran Khan has called off the march for tonight.

31/10/22 | 11:00 am : Day 4 of the long march begins from Kamonke.

The march is passing through the outskirts of Gujranwala, as area which is usually considered as a conservative rural area. Massive participation by women shows

31/10/22 | 04:00 pm : Long march finally enters Gujranwala. It is over 6km at this point.

31/10/22 | 05:00 pm : Meanwhile a convoy of hundreds of protesters has just left Karachi. This convoy is likely to swell up as it passes through Sindh, finally joining Imran Khan after 3-4 days.

31/10/22 | 06:00 pm : Renowned news anchor and journalist Imran Riaz Khan has joined the long march as well. Imran Riaz Khan is one of those few journalists who have been consistently speaking against the US backed regime change. He was arrested for this earlier in July. He is also a close friend of the slain journalist Arshad Sharif, who was also being persecuted for the very same reason.

While Imran Khan leads the march in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistani`s living in the UK have converged to protest outside Avenfield apartments in London, which is the residence of the former Prime Minister and convicted criminal Nawaz Shareef.

Day 4 ends with the march finally reaching Gujranwala.

01/11/22 | 11:00 am : Day 5 of the long march begins with a massive reception in Gujranwala.

01/11/22 | 05:00 pm: The caravan coming from Sindh has reached Rahim Yar Khan

01/11/22 | After 5 whole days of screaming at the top of his lungs and charging the crowd from the container, Senator Faisal Javed Khan and former minister for planning Hammad Azhar share cough drops. Take some rest lads, this is going to be a long journey.

01/11/22 | The passion with which people are coming out cannot be described in words. While global mainstream media is casually ignoring this massive revolution in Pakistan. Social media sites, Tiktok and Twitter in particular are flooded with such visuals.

01/11/22 | 08:00 pm: Closing address of former PM Imran Khan on day 5 of the long march. Khan said that everyone needs to head to Islamabad!

01/11/22 | Caravans coming from KPK are not just bringing people, they are bringing excavators and cranes to remove the blockages and containers placed by the government in Islamabad.


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