Freedom Of Expression Or Well-Masked Oppression?

Not long ago, the majority of us were celebrating Independence Day with as much passion as we could muster; but the question arises, how free are we? It wasn’t long before the new Government came into power for the citizens of Pakistan to take to the streets once again. The people of Faisalabad were in …


Who Became Lost In The Idol House Of The West?

Prophet Ibrahim [P.U.B.H] was born into the atmosphere where people worshipped rocks ,trees ,planets and stars. The head of the family [Ibrahim’s uncle] was not even an ordinary idolater, but was one who totally rejected Allah and who used to make the idols with his own hands. According to traditions Prophet Ibrahim’s father died before his birth and he was raised by an uncle whom Ibrahim [P.U.B.H] called father. Into that family Ibrahim was born, destined to stand against his own family, against the entire system of his community. In brief, he stood against all kinds of polytheism.

A Brighter Future for Pakistan

بسم الله In the name of Almighty God, the Most Graceful the Most Merciful, we begin. Our only aim is to raise awareness so that we may play our role in the race towards revolution, bringing a brighter future for the destitute, poor and miserable nation of Pakistan. Through the blessings of the Holy Prophet …

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