Tourism in Pakistan : An Untapped Potential

Tourism has approximatly 10.5 per cent share in Global GDP. It contributes 3.5 per cent of total GDP of Asia. Despite huge potential, Pakistan has very weak tourism industry. The snow-covered Himalayas, lush green valleys, charismatic lakes and meadows, diverse cultures and historical buildings present tremendous opportunities for tourism industry. Sadly, share of the tourism …


Challenges of Muslim Ummah and Way Forward

Muslims account for 23 per cent of the world’s population. Jews are almost 0.02 percent of the world. A short comparison of two ambrahamic religions, Islam and Judaism, reveals astonishing facts. Twenty percent of Nobel laureates are Jews while only 11 Muslims have won Nobel Prize. Only two Muslim scientists have won the Nobel Prize …

When a woman sees glory


What is status of woman in our society?
It poses a challenging question.
Girl is not liked even woman does not like to give birth to baby girl. There is psychological conditioning in their mind that woman is other name of slavery and servitude. Daughter is great workforce in the family, wife is source of solace and satisfaction and mother is repose of affection.
There is always preferential politics in the families. Boy will be regarded blue-eyed of the family and girl has to serve them. Boy will deal in offers with parents where as girl will succumb to parents wishes.
She is always in the fire to be burnt in pursuit of men’s desire.It becomes heavy toll on parents to protect the growing baby girl. She is taught and psychologically conditioned that woman has to remain in the environs of home.She is not considered protected jewel but a roaming…

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