Assassination attempt on Imran Khan

Imran Khan the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and an international cricket icon, survived an assassination attempt on 3rd November, when he was leading a long march towards the capital Islamabad.


Imran Khan was ousted from power on 9th April 2022, after a Vote of No Confidence that was triggered after the US under secretary for South Asia, Donald Lu threatened the power corridors to remove Khan or face the consequences.

Following the U.S backed regime change, people of Pakistan have been continuously on road since 10th pf April. Imran Khan has since then held over 60 public gatherings all over Pakistan, in an attempt to mobilize public support against the handlers, conspirators and facilitators of the U.S backed regime change operation.

Seeing Khan become more popular than ever, the US backed regime launched a brutal state operation against Khan and his supporters on 23rd May. Since then many journalists who were exposing the regime change operation have had to flee Pakistan to save their lives.

One of the leading investigative journalist of Pakistan, Mr. Arshad Shareef was assassinated in Kenya on 23rd October. Shortly after his assassination Khan announced the long march to Islamabad, with the demand of holding snap elections so that the people can give fresh mandate and remove those who have been installed in power as a result of the US backed regime change operation.

The Assassination Plot

Khan has repeatedly informed the public of a plot to assassinate him. He has mentioned a plan hatched by 4 powerful individuals, sitting behind closed doors to assassinate him. He has already recorded a video naming these individuals. This video is to be released in the unfortunate case of his assassination.

Since at least September, he has informed the public that these unnamed individuals will use the excuse of a religiously motivated attacker to assassinate him, since this is one of the easiest ways to attack any public figure in Pakistan.

In the past the former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer were both murdered under the same false pretexts.

Khan`s warning materialized on November 3rd when at least 2 gunmen opened fire on his container truck, which was passing through Wazirabad city.

This video clearly shows the moment when the assassins opened fire on the whole leadership present on the container truck.

Close analysis of the video and eye witness accounts corroborate that there were at least 2 attackers. The attacker on the right side of the truck, on ground was caught and apprehended on the spot by one of the supporters of Khan. This assassin used a Glock to fire 8 to 10 bullets before 2 supporters took him down. One of the supporters who took him down, lost his life while doing so, after the attacker shot him in the head.

There was a 2nd shooter who has not yet been identified. According to eyewitnesses including Imran Khan himself, this attacker used automatic or semi automatic weapons to fire a barrage of bullets on the top leadership present on the container.

The attack resulted in 1 death and at least 14 injuries including Imran Khan and his senior party members. This video shows the immediate aftermath of the attack from inside the container.

Based on eye witness accounts, Imran Khan made sure that all injured were shifted to hospitals before leaving himself.

It is important to note that Imran Khan, who himself is the former Prime Minister, was not offered any kind of air support by the incumbent government. Khan was shifted to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, which he built in memory of his late mother. (SKMH is a state of the art free cancer research hospital).

Protests erupted throughout Pakistan as the news of this failed assassination attempt spread. Protesters blocked roads and main highways.

The tweet by Jemima Goldsmith, the ex wife of Imran Khan shows Mr. Ibtisam, who took down one of the assassins. Mr. Moazam Gondal, who helped Ibtisam take down the assassin, unfortunately lost his life after the assassin fired at him.

Following the attack, the doctors operated on Imran Khan and confirmed that Khan took 4 bullets and multiple shrapnel on both of his legs. The assassins apparently used split point rounds, that splinter upon impact for maximum damage.

The attack left Imran Khan temporarily disabled. Unable to lead the march anymore, Khan has ordered his senior leadership to lead the march. Imran Kha has vowed to join the long march once it reaches Rawalpindi, which also houses the GHQ which is Pakistan`s equivalent of the Pentagon.

Following this attack, Imran Khan named three individuals who planned this attack.

  • Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif
  • Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah
  • Name of a serving military officer has been censored

Till the time of writing this article, police has refused to register the case against these powerful individuals. It is important to note that under Pakistani laws, it is the right of the complainant to name any individual they suspect.

Imran Khan has maintained that if the former Prime Minister cannot get the case for his own assassination attempt registered, then what hope do the ordinary people have to getting justice.

What next?

In his address to the nation after surviving the assassination, Imran Khan reiterated his commitment to this movement. He stated that as soon as he is able to get up, he`ll be back on the roads again. A week after being shot Khan gave the date of 26th November and called the nation to come to Rawalpindi, in what he wants to be the biggest protest gathering in the history of Pakistan.

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