Prefabricated modular housing from plastic waste.

Gul Bahao ( Pour or spread the roses ) is an NGO set up by Nargis Latif. She has been working since the last 22 years on a project she calls “Chandi technology”(Silver technology). She has basically come up with a way of recycling non-biodegradable plastic to be used as a raw material for construction of temporary shelters or housing units. This is a low cost alternative to tents and prefabricated shelters which are being used today.


The NGO is located in Karachi, where they collect the plastic waste and convert it into blocks. In a recent interview Nargis Latif said that in the last 22 years, she hasn`t receieved any sort of assistance or aid from the government. So for the last 22 years, the NGO has been working solely on her will and the aid of donors who have kept this project alive. For the time being they recommend the use of this technology for the following purposes;

  1. Classrooms,lecture halls,examination halls etc.
  2. Exhibitions
  3. Warehouses for storing food grains
  4. Marriage halls
  5. Best alternative to Tents and Shamianas,
  6. Mobile camps of any kind
  7. Pent houses( a room on roof tops )
  8. Farm houses
  9. Labour colonies
  10. Low lying areas
  11. Low cost houses for disaster affected areas viz earthquakes, floods etc.

The durability and effectiveness of this technology has been proven in the last 22 years. The NGO has helped the victims of earthquake and floods in Pakistan and these shelters have stood through the test of harsh conditions, but the project is still in its initial stages of research and development. It can be improved significantly if more people show interest in this.

In addition to being low cost and easy to set up, these shelters are environmentally friendly and due to the silver coating, they reflect sun light which keeps the temperature inside these shelters low. The refugees in Zataari camp and other refugee shelters located in the deserts and arid regions around Syria face intense heat in the prefab shelters which have been set up by the UN. If perhaps the UN can look into this it might do a lot of good to the refugees who have to suffer from extreme heat.

You can read more about this on their official website


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