27th March 2016 around 1700 hours GMT, Lahore was rocked with an explosion. The explosion took place in Iqbal park. Due to weekend and Easter, the park was crowded with families when a suicide bomber blew himself up near gate no. 1. Chaos ensued afterwards as the injured and the dead began to pour into all the hospitals of Lahore. Ambulances fell short and people heaved the injured and the dead on motor bikes to rush them to the hospitals.

Within 2 hours of the blast, the death toll has crossed 50 and over 200 people are reportedly injured. Majority of the casualties include women and children. Death toll is expected to rise further as the critically injured succumb to injuries. Just over a week ago a blast in a bus in Peshawar claimed the lives of 22 people who were commuting to work.


Since this is a developing story, you can follow the updates on #LahoreBlast and related hashtags. Wherever you are, pray for everyone`s safety and be safe.

Peace – V


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