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Prefabricated modular housing from plastic waste.

Gul Bahao ( Pour or spread the roses ) is an NGO set up by Nargis Latif. She has been working since the last 22 years on a project she calls “Chandi technology”(Silver technology). She has basically come up with a way of recycling non-biodegradable plastic to be used as a raw material for construction of temporary shelters or housing units. This is a low cost alternative to tents and prefabricated shelters which are being used today. Continue reading

My personal experience of facing corruption and threats.

Pakistani society is falling apart socially and morally. Perhaps one of the most corrupt institution in the country is of police which has been politicized and criminalized. Police is regularly used to threaten and silence political opponents. The prime example of this was 17th June 2014 Model Town massacre in Lahore, where 16 people were … Continue reading

Extreme Weather Phenomenon

This article is not going to be like my usual articles, full of geo-political stuff, no. It`ll be about weather and a very very grave news, which has been, I believe shown on international media networks like CNN and BBC. Karachi, the biggest metropolitan city and the economical hub of Pakistan, suffered an extreme heatwave … Continue reading

Khan smashes the myth of terror.

9th April 2015 will be remembered as a day when Imran Khan smashed the myth of terror from Karachi. Karachi, also known as the mini-Pakistan, the economical hub of Pakistan, most populated metropolitan city of the country which earns more than 60% of the revenue, was for the last 25 years held hostage by a … Continue reading

Fatimah Jinnahs legacy

Fatimah Jinnah, sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Ms. Jinnah holds as must importance in the creation of Pakistan as Mr. Jinnah, there is no doubt about her role and sacrifices for this nation. In brief words, her life can be described as a struggle to achieve an independent state for Muslims … Continue reading

State brutality in Pakistan

This post is to inform the world about the brutal state terrorism and brutality happening in Pakistan against the workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek [PAT] and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf [PTI] . The crackdown on workers has happened just days before anti-corrupt system marches and protests are going to start against the undemocratic government present in … Continue reading

What’s Making The Floods Worse in Pakistan?

This is the third year in a row that floods have wrecked havoc through villages and cities in the low lying areas of Pakistan almost 300000 people have been affected and 108 people have lost their lives. Although floods are a natural calamity and it`ll be utter foolishness to blame anyone for the floods. Pakistan … Continue reading

The Crisis in Balochistan

What is the protocol for a Prime Minister or a Member of National Assembly when contracts are given to foreign investments? Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attests that he will end the energy crisis that we are currently facing but his steps to overcome such a crisis are extremely dubious and are raising alarm bells all … Continue reading