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#Palestine under attack by #Zionist invaders again.

Palestine, is not just a country, it is not just a piece of land, it is a state of being! October, brought with it yet another wave of pharaonic oppression and tyranny. The Zionist occupying forces initiated systematic killing of the Palestinian youth. The Palestinian youth, armed with nothing more than sticks, stones and occasional … Continue reading

O Muslim youth, are you ready to take on this challenge?

O Muslim youth, you have a great task at hand. Zionist companies have taken over the world ( you kept watching evil villians trying to take over the world in cartoons, well guess what they have already done and you are still stuck watching those silly cartoons like brainwashed slaves) and now we are literally … Continue reading

What happens in Gaza,will no longer stay in Gaza.

Electronics of a missile embedded in the body of a victim. The last two days have been the most deadly days in the recent Israeli aggression,almost 200 people have died in the last two days. We have mentioned again and again that the international community needs to wake up and we have seen in the … Continue reading