Shifting social norms to stop violence against women.

Social and cultural norms can either protect women against abuse and violence or they can encourage the use of violence against them. The culture of violence against women persists in Pakistani society because it’s deemed acceptable. A religious and traditional belief that men are superior to women and they have a right to control them with use of force and discipline them through physical means makes women vulnerable to violence


Khawarij; Who and what are they!

The word “Khawarij” is being increasingly used nowadays. What is this phenomenon that everyone calls as Khawarij? We are going to attempt and find out who and exactly what are these Khawarij and how to identify them. The word Khawarij is a plural of Khariji,its root word is khuruj,which means to leave the main body,to …

Freedom Of Expression Or Well-Masked Oppression?

Not long ago, the majority of us were celebrating Independence Day with as much passion as we could muster; but the question arises, how free are we? It wasn’t long before the new Government came into power for the citizens of Pakistan to take to the streets once again. The people of Faisalabad were in …