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#BadaberAttack| Attack on Badaber PAF camp.

On 18th September 2015 at the time of dawn prayers, the Badaber PAF camp in the suburbs of Peshawar was attacked by almost 14 armed terrorists dressed in FC uniforms. According to preliminary reports, the terrorists entered the base from 2 locations and were immediately thwarted by the manned outposts. From that point the terrorists split up into 3 teams. As 2 teams engaged the military personnel on duty, one team of terrorists managed to rush towards a mosque where the dawn prayers were being offered. Continue reading

2 months since APS attack!

2 months ago scenes of carnage and utmost brutality shook the entire Pakistani nation when terrorists carried out inhumane massacre of 150+ students in Army Public School and College in Peshawar. Terrorists of Taliban came and shot students one by one, specifically targeting those students who came from military families. The accounts of the massacre … Continue reading

A sad and tragic day.

9 June 2014, close to midnight, a group of heavily armed Uzbek(TTP/IMU) terrorists attacked the old Karachi Airport at Terminal 1.For those who are not aware of the dynamics of Karachi, terminal 1 is used as a cargo and VVIP terminal, it is at some distance from the operational Jinnah terminal which is also called … Continue reading

Terrorism or Revolution!

The flowers are blooming, birds chirping and air getting warmer all signs are suggesting the inevitable arrival of spring in Pakistan. In any saner part of the world, people would have been overjoyed upon the arrival of spring, whereas in Pakistan, spring marks the arrival of Taliban. This however is not a natural phenomenon,instead it … Continue reading