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A humanitarian crisis is unfolding inside Pakistan as thousands of citizens from every walk of life are protesting against the prime minister after his mega corruption was exposed in Panama papers. The Papers appear to have badly dented the credibility of the Prime Minister. Sharif made a couple of media appearances but failed to reply to Panama Leaks revelations. Citizens, since then, are on roads protesting and demanding his resignation.

Despite remaining peaceful on the whole, the protesters have been met with needless escalation and indiscriminate violence by taxpayer-funded, heavily militarized law enforcement protectors of lives of citizens — whose vested interests in maintaining law and order apparently trump human rights and basic decency.


On Thursday, tensions exploded when law enforcement — armed with lethal and nonlethal weaponry — implemented section 144 and declared major areas of capital a no-go zone and descended on PTI’s youth convention that were planning…

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My personal experience of facing corruption and threats.

Pakistani society is falling apart socially and morally. Perhaps one of the most corrupt institution in the country is of police which has been politicized and criminalized. Police is regularly used to threaten and silence political opponents. The prime example of this was 17th June 2014 Model Town massacre in Lahore, where 16 people were …

A sad and tragic day.

9 June 2014, close to midnight, a group of heavily armed Uzbek(TTP/IMU) terrorists attacked the old Karachi Airport at Terminal 1.For those who are not aware of the dynamics of Karachi, terminal 1 is used as a cargo and VVIP terminal, it is at some distance from the operational Jinnah terminal which is also called …