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Pakistan`s debt trap

In recent years, Pakistan has been known as a country which is extremely dependent on foreign aid and funding to maintain its economy, the internal infrastructure for this reason is almost non-existent as the ruling class and establishment have come to recognize that Pakistan is too important in the region to be allowed to go … Continue reading

Pakistan Child Abuse Horror – Pakistan`s hidden shame

“The monsters didn`t spare a single child in the village.” said an angry villager.

This statement sums up the recent horror story to surface on the Pakistani media. A village located on the outskirts of Kasur-a city on the Pak-India border, turned out to be a den of child abuse scandal. The news broke across several media outlets and as the gruesome details of the scandal/horror began to come up, the Pakistani nation could do nothing but hang her head in shame, this is the dark reality of a society living in denial. Continue reading

Model Town Massacre: An International Human Rights Prespective

According to the political philosophy of the renowned 18th century thinker Rousseau,(1) individual sovereignty as to certain rights and freedoms is transferred from each individual to the state. In return, the state ensures the granting, protecting and preserving of certain rights that are given to each individual of the state. Thus, individuals become citizens.(2) This concept is known as ‘The Social Contract’ and plays a pivotal role in the modern nation-state theory.(3) Based on this mutually understood premise, it is a legal and constitutional responsibility of the state to uphold and protect the respective rights to the citizens of the state. Continue reading

Axe falls upon the blind.

Updated @ 2:50am | Added the video clipping   It seems as if the Punjab police has taken an oath to never learn from their past “mistakes”. Today once again in an excellent show of bravery and valour, young officers of Punjab police unleashed the wrath of their batons and fists upon a bunch of … Continue reading

Land of criminals and rapists.

It is with great pain that I am composing this post. I was born in Pakistan and raised here, I love this country, but my loyalty to the state cannot trump my duty to say the truth and the truth is that this land has become unstable, it has become a place where criminals and … Continue reading

When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty

While I am writing this, the sun of 8th August rises, the very first rays of light are breaking through the darkness of the night and illuminating the horizon. Things on ground are not much different. Pakistan is in a state of paralysis right now. The country`s most populated province Punjab is in a lockdown. … Continue reading