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Originally posted on The Grumpy Doctor:
A humanitarian crisis is unfolding inside Pakistan as thousands of citizens from every walk of life are protesting against the prime minister after his mega corruption was exposed in Panama papers. The Papers appear to have badly dented the credibility of the Prime Minister. Sharif made a couple of…

Plan [C]haos

Originally written for Lex Solo`s Political Rantings.   J.F Kennedy said: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” The people of Pakistan are on streets since June. This movement reached its peak in August when Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan took all the protesters to the state capital. The whole state got … Continue reading

A Poetic Response To PTI Trolls

This poem is a response to PTI trolls in the poetic form. It must be affirmed that I respect the great Imran Khan, the legendary Cricketer, Captain, Socialist and Revolutionary leader of Pakistan. I respect the true and sincere workers of PTI and its tigers. This response is ONLY aimed at those who stoop to … Continue reading

State Terrorism

At around 2 am on 17th June 2014, Punjab Police raided the Minhaj ul Quran International Secretariat in Model Town, Lahore. They claimed that their purpose was to removed the barriers and security detail of the secretariat, however the officials of Minhaj ul Quran produced a court order which was issued in 2011 by the … Continue reading