Model Town

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Lahore under Governments inhumane siege

Since almost last 10 days the province of Punjab and the city of Lahore in particular has been under governments inhumane siege. Patients have died while on their way to hospitals due to road blockades, people have been forced to crawl under the containers . Last night government intensified its siege of Model Town in … Continue reading

An attempt to escape justice

  This exclusive document was revealed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri earlier today ( 7th August 2014 ). This document proves that the current undemocratic,corrupt and oppressive regime of Pakistan led by PMLN is planning to escape from the country. They have realised that this revolution cannot be stopped and have planned a bloody … Continue reading

You can shoot a revolutionary but you cant stop Revolution

Haroon Mahmood, a young revolutionary was shot multiple times in his legs by the Punjab police on 17th June 2014. What was his crime? He was protesting peacefully against the illegal and criminal behaviour of Punjab police who were shelling unarmed and peaceful men and women unjustly, just to scare them and terrorise them to … Continue reading