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Our bitter realities…

Death, hypocrisy, corruption, theft and lies seem to have become norm of the day at least in Pakistan. Not a single day passes without seeing or hearing something terrible happening in some part of this Pak sar zameen. If this write up makes you cringe or if it compels you to say that I am … Continue reading

Axe falls upon the blind.

Updated @ 2:50am | Added the video clipping   It seems as if the Punjab police has taken an oath to never learn from their past “mistakes”. Today once again in an excellent show of bravery and valour, young officers of Punjab police unleashed the wrath of their batons and fists upon a bunch of … Continue reading

Lynched and Burned Alive in a Kiln

Last week, in a small village known as Kot Radha Kishan, a sad and brutal incident took place which sadly failed to move the nation yet again. A young couple belonging to the Christian faith was lynched and then burned alive in a brick kiln. Why? What had they done to deserve this horrible form … Continue reading

Iqbal Revived.

I apologise to those who cannot understand Urdu. This video is in Urdu and unfortunately you won`t be able to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom. Let me explain you what this is about. Sir Muhammd Iqbal, or more common known in Pakistan as Allama Iqbal was a poet and a philosopher in British India. … Continue reading

O Muslim youth, are you ready to take on this challenge?

O Muslim youth, you have a great task at hand. Zionist companies have taken over the world ( you kept watching evil villians trying to take over the world in cartoons, well guess what they have already done and you are still stuck watching those silly cartoons like brainwashed slaves) and now we are literally … Continue reading

To Revolt or Not to Revolt?

I’m reaching a point in life in which reality does not match what I believe and even what I see could be both true and false at the same time. Humanity is reaching a point that disgusts me to my very core. I see people dying on the streets and the media telling me everyone … Continue reading

Destruction of Gaza University @DaliaZLababidi

Dalia Lababidi via Gaza

Do what your governments don’t do, please act, please boycott Israel via @DaliaZLababidi

Dalia Lababidi via Gaza

Khawarij; Who and what are they!

The word “Khawarij” is being increasingly used nowadays. What is this phenomenon that everyone calls as Khawarij? We are going to attempt and find out who and exactly what are these Khawarij and how to identify them. The word Khawarij is a plural of Khariji,its root word is khuruj,which means to leave the main body,to … Continue reading