Green Revolution

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Feedback to @am_nawazish

Dear Ali Moeen, This feedback is in response to the attached article published in Daily Jang. Your writing style is most certainly captivating for the reader, the write-up had a good build up and smooth flow, however I couldn`t help but notice the lack of facts, reality and counter arguments to balance out the prose. … Continue reading

The need for more provinces/administrative units.

Pakistan currently has 4 provinces. The population of over 180 million people has just 4 provinces whereas the other countries shown in the poster, with lesser populations have more provinces for better administration. Whereas Pakistan has just 4 provinces with their Chief Ministers and then Governors who come under the Federal government. The governors serve … Continue reading

Participatory Democracy

This is the structure of participatory democracy proposed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Currently Pakistan has a warped form of parliamentary democracy which goes something like this. National Assembly in Islamabad to deal with national issues. 4 Provincial Assemblies at each provincial capital. In practice, this is it, the devolution of power under the … Continue reading

The Character of Marchers vs character of the government.

In the whole world, Pakistan is number one in illiteracy Sri Lanka has less than 1.9% children who do not go to primary school. In India there are less than 6.4 % children who do not go to primary school, in Bangladesh less than 16.2% of children who do not go to primary school. In Pakistan there … Continue reading

Devolution of Judiciary – Dr.Qadris plan.

Pseudo Democracy in a country called Pakistan.

Published on ARY Blogs   We live in an age where the dominant form of government is “Democracy” or more specifically Parliamentary democracy. Democracy is not in itself a system, in its essence democracy is a set of norms and values which serve as the base of the system. From this base, a super-structure is … Continue reading

Expired Tear Gas Shells

On the night of 30th August 2014, peaceful and unarmed protesters were attacked by the police with tear gas, rubber bullets and then eventually live bullet rounds. 11 people lost their lives and almost 500 were injured in clashes that lasted almost 15 hours. The clashes are still continuing. It is the third day since … Continue reading

Pakistan do you want peace

“This was inevitable and I am afraid this is just the starting!” – Danial Ahmed These words recently messaged to me were the words I did not want to hear. I knew they were coming but I did not want them to become a reality. I’m not Pakistani, but I still suffer like one. I’ve … Continue reading

Choking over oppression, is this Pakistan?

I have lost count of days we have been protesting here. First we had to go through a 10 day siege in Lahore and now it has been over a week since we have occupied Islamabad. Problems and obstacles are at every single step. The government has now poisoned our water supply , our food … Continue reading

Historic Friday Sermon

It is a unique event that there is Jummah(Friday) prayer taking place in front of the Parliament House today. If there is an oppressor on one side and oppressed on the other, then a Muslim person should stand with his oppressed brother. (Sahih Muslim & Sahih Bukhari) “According to Ibn Umar , Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) … Continue reading

Lahore under Governments inhumane siege

Since almost last 10 days the province of Punjab and the city of Lahore in particular has been under governments inhumane siege. Patients have died while on their way to hospitals due to road blockades, people have been forced to crawl under the containers . Last night government intensified its siege of Model Town in … Continue reading