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Quetta bleeds yet again.

Terror struck once again at the heart of Baluchistan. 61 police cadets including one military captain embraced martyrdom and almost 117 were injured when the Police Training Centre in Quetta was attack last night by “unknown” terrorists. According to eye witness reports, the terrorists struck around 930 pm when the cadets had gone to sleep. 3-5 terrorists stormed the watch tower of the academy which was manned by only 1 guard who did not have appropriate weapons to respond to the initial attack, as a result the guard had to abandon his post. This allowed the terrorists to storm the academy and carry out a free run massacre of “unarmed” cadets who were not even supposed to be in the academy as all of them had passed out and gone to their homes 2 days ago, but for some unknown reason these cadets were called back to the academy. Continue reading

نثار میں تیری گلیوں کے اے وطن کہ جہاں چلی ہے رسم کہ کوئی نہ سر اٹھا کے چلے

“سانحہ ماڈل ٹاون” کس کو یاد نہیں؟ آہ! وہ دن جب100 نہتے، معصوم شہریوں کو بے دردی سے گولیوں سے چھلنی کر دیا گیا اور14 کوسفاکی سے موت کے گھاٹ اتار دیا گیا! 12،13 گھنٹے تک پولیس کی درندگی کا گواہ ہمارا میڈیا ہے۔ ہمارے شیر دل پولیس جوانوں نے نشانہ باندھ کر عورتوں کے … Continue reading

Our bitter realities…

Death, hypocrisy, corruption, theft and lies seem to have become norm of the day at least in Pakistan. Not a single day passes without seeing or hearing something terrible happening in some part of this Pak sar zameen. If this write up makes you cringe or if it compels you to say that I am … Continue reading

International Sufi Conference in #India

For those of you who missed it, here is the latest development from the Muslim world. India hosted the International Sufi Conference, a global gathering of Islamic scholars from the Arab and Non Arab world. The conference was aimed at providing a counter narrative against the plague of extremism and terrorism, which has been falsely … Continue reading

Lynched and Burned Alive in a Kiln

Last week, in a small village known as Kot Radha Kishan, a sad and brutal incident took place which sadly failed to move the nation yet again. A young couple belonging to the Christian faith was lynched and then burned alive in a brick kiln. Why? What had they done to deserve this horrible form … Continue reading

Feedback to @am_nawazish

Dear Ali Moeen, This feedback is in response to the attached article published in Daily Jang. Your writing style is most certainly captivating for the reader, the write-up had a good build up and smooth flow, however I couldn`t help but notice the lack of facts, reality and counter arguments to balance out the prose. … Continue reading

For The Living Dead

Originally posted on drayeshausman:
My name is Dr Ayesha Usman  I have been fighting for this dead nation for months , i have been fighting for YOU who cry “we didn’t find food” “we didn’t find cloth” “we didn’t find house”, Yes i have been fighting for those who said “we didn’t give our children…

Illusion of a democracy

This article is a formal rebuttal to an article written by Mariam Sabih, the article can be read at Point by point rebuttal: In the article the author claimed that. 1) Despite irregularities, 2013 general elections were better than ever before and several polls suggest PML-N sustains popularity. It is true that many polls suggest … Continue reading

The need for more provinces/administrative units.

Pakistan currently has 4 provinces. The population of over 180 million people has just 4 provinces whereas the other countries shown in the poster, with lesser populations have more provinces for better administration. Whereas Pakistan has just 4 provinces with their Chief Ministers and then Governors who come under the Federal government. The governors serve … Continue reading

Participatory Democracy

This is the structure of participatory democracy proposed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Currently Pakistan has a warped form of parliamentary democracy which goes something like this. National Assembly in Islamabad to deal with national issues. 4 Provincial Assemblies at each provincial capital. In practice, this is it, the devolution of power under the … Continue reading

The Character of Marchers vs character of the government.

In the whole world, Pakistan is number one in illiteracy Sri Lanka has less than 1.9% children who do not go to primary school. In India there are less than 6.4 % children who do not go to primary school, in Bangladesh less than 16.2% of children who do not go to primary school. In Pakistan there … Continue reading