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Yet another protest at D-Chowk

Since last 70 days, highly educated individuals of this nation have been protesting and no one has raised their voice or helped them in any way. The teachers include mostly women who have children as well to look after, the government however seems to have no shame at all. The mothers and daughters of this nation are protesting, the residents of Islamabad come to see the show, take a few pictures and leave. Continue reading

First ever #AntiTerrorCurriculum by Dr.Qadri

In the past couple of years, the world has seen the new face of terror known as ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) . ISIS did what Al-Qaeda or Taliban failed to do in the post 9/11 era. What was it that ISIS did differently? Well, ISIS successfully managed to brand “their own version … Continue reading

Expired tear gas shells via @MiladRazaQadri


A Revolutionary Perspective of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri

Originally posted on Operation Pakistan:
Recent Developments It is no secret that over the past few years, Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri has become one of the most discussed personalities throughout Pakistan and beyond. Where there is love and adoration, there also stems hatred, confusion and despise. This is in no way…

Plan [C]haos

Originally written for Lex Solo`s Political Rantings.   J.F Kennedy said: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” The people of Pakistan are on streets since June. This movement reached its peak in August when Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan took all the protesters to the state capital. The whole state got … Continue reading

A Poetic Response To PTI Trolls

This poem is a response to PTI trolls in the poetic form. It must be affirmed that I respect the great Imran Khan, the legendary Cricketer, Captain, Socialist and Revolutionary leader of Pakistan. I respect the true and sincere workers of PTI and its tigers. This response is ONLY aimed at those who stoop to … Continue reading

Mass Poisoning in #Pakistan via @MubasherLucman

  Watch the entire show to see the extent of massive poisoning being done in Pakistan. For those who cannot understand Urdu, let me explain it briefly. In a race to cut the costs for the maximisation of profits, most of the factory owners and manufacturers of edible goods are using harmful substances. Substances so … Continue reading

Pakistan’s Revolution – a Real Uprising or a Political Tantrum?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a post on my view of the current revolution that’s going on in Pakistan. Since I’ve been paying close attention to the events that have unraveled since August, my opinion is pretty biased and doesn’t reflect the views of any foreigner that gets his/her sources … Continue reading