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Solving The Media Paradox

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Syria faces the worst migration crisis with lesser media representation. Kashmir faces worst state-terrorism with no popular attention of international media. Organized Rohingya genocide by Burmese Government is not the major concern of media which runs on issues and events. In comparison, death of Whites in Gays club seize the marathon…

How advertising strategies affect human psyche.

Advertisement strategies and human psyche Advertising is itself as old as basic economic activity. Earliest forms of advertising can be traced back to Egyptian civilization, however in the recent past origins of modern advertising can be traced to the 18th and 19th century. Since then the science of advertisement has gone on to become one … Continue reading

iWar via @SaleemFarrukh

Pakistan is under attack – an unconventional attack to be certain. Perception warfare is the new battleground. Perception management and reflexive control are the new weapons of war. And the media is the new medium of this new war. Pakistan’s adversaries – both state and non-state – are bombarding specially designed, targeted and premeditated messages … Continue reading

Deception of the system

Deception, is a word we often use, the word carries far deeper meanings than we perceive. Deception is not just trickery, it is infact a tool, a vital tool for the ruling elite to keep the masses under control, to play with them like puppets without them even realising that they are being played with. … Continue reading

Elements of Deception & Slavery

The history of human beings has seen a lot of peaks and dips. There have been times when we have been at our best and times when we have been at our worst. The Second Orthodox Caliph of Islam Umar[May Allah be pleased with him] said that “Allah created man free..” Throughout our history whenever … Continue reading