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Silenced forever.

The massacre that started on 30th August 2014, left almost 25 people dead. Government figures report only 2 martyrs because law enforcing agencies took away the dead bodies and those who had minor injuries to unknown locations. These people marched peacefully to Islamabad for their rights, for their human rights, for their constitutional rights. They … Continue reading

Terrorism or Revolution!

The flowers are blooming, birds chirping and air getting warmer all signs are suggesting the inevitable arrival of spring in Pakistan. In any saner part of the world, people would have been overjoyed upon the arrival of spring, whereas in Pakistan, spring marks the arrival of Taliban. This however is not a natural phenomenon,instead it … Continue reading

Freedom Of Expression Or Well-Masked Oppression?

Not long ago, the majority of us were celebrating Independence Day with as much passion as we could muster; but the question arises, how free are we? It wasn’t long before the new Government came into power for the citizens of Pakistan to take to the streets once again. The people of Faisalabad were in … Continue reading