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9 October 2014


8 October 2014


7 October 2014


6 October 2014

Eid at Inqilab March

DSC_0129 DSC_0163 DSCN0133 DSCN0196

1 October 2014

Infants chanting poems and slogans of change, amazing enlightenment done by Dr.Qadri



3:00 pm PST ( 29 September 2014 )

Meeting with Jamaat e Islami chief, Molana Siraj ul Haq.


28 September 2014

Dr.Qadri disclosed the flow and mechanism of corruption done by the political elite of Pakistan. A detailed article will be published over this, stay tuned.

7:00 pm PST ( 27 September 2014 )

Daily speech

Interview with Dr. Moeed Pirzada and Fawad Chaudhry

9:15 pm PST ( 26 September 2014 )

PM Nawaz Shareef welcomed in New York by chants of Go Nawaz Go



PAT and PTI joint protest outside U.N


7:00 pm PST ( 26 September 2014 )

25 September 2014

Wedding ceremony at the Protest Sit-in

All roads going towards Islamabad and protest site BLOCKED!

23 September 2014

PAT and PTI protest outside PM Nawaz Shareef`s residence in Avenfield, London.

22 September 2014


5:15 pm PST ( 19 September 2014 )

Criplled yet still standing tall.


This woman lost her 4 sons. They were all murdered within 2 months.

The second lady, brought her 7 year old daughter, who was raped by a local land lord and then she was left to die on a road. These are the people who have come in this protest march.

Is this your democracy? These victims were shunned away from all police stations, from all courts, from all institutions. They were denied justice everywhere. To hell with your democracy , this isn`t democracy. These people have no where to go and when they come to this protest, the despotic ministers label them as terrorists!

Come and watch,  these people aren`t terrorists. They voted for you, they trusted you and you betrayed their trust.

11:00 pm PST ( 18 September 2014 )

9:39 pm PST ( 18 September 2014 )

Time for some photography!!

9:00 pm PST ( 18 September 2014 )

6:37 pm PST ( 18 September 2014 )

Getting ready for the speech.

Like crossing the U.S – Mexico border.

Sleepy heads (Afternoon)

8:00 am PST ( 18 September 2014 )

Even the police officers admire Dr.Qadri.

6:14 am PST ( 18 September 2014 )

How Revolutions Come!


A newly converted Muslim woman joined Inqilab March from South Africa.

Go Nawaz Go in China

Sorry for inconvenience but this is a Revolution.


Perhaps for the first time, Indian media is acknowledging the Pakistani nation for their stance. All this happened because of the awareness Dr.Qadri has given to the nation in last 3 years and also the stance Imran Khan has taken in last few months. These two leaders have woken up this nation.


7:00 pm PST ( 15 September 2014 )


5:30 am PST ( 15 September 2014 )

1500 Police men have surrounded Bani Gala.


14 September 2014

People ( Mostly in the west) ask us why does Pakistan need a revolution. Well here is the answer.




 Can`t go to Islamabad? Want to contribute for the sit-in? Be a part of the awareness campaign and do this!


Everyone is contributing to this revolution in their capacity. Salute to this brave patriot.


13 September 2014

Police arrested almost 500 protesters and presented them at the local court for further remand. Over 50 protesters were crammed like farm animals in a single van and there were about 8-10 vans. When local political leadership tried to bail them, the magistrate disappeared and the police illegally took the protesters away to Adiala Jail (Most feared prison of Pakistan) . Senior leaders of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and the negotiator of Majlis e Wahdat ul Muslimeen, Asad Abbas Naqvi were also arrested.

Message of marchers for the rest of Pakistani nation.

Check out >> http://nouveau-pakistan.fr/<< for updates in French.

12:51 am PST (13 September 2014 )

12:04 am PST ( 13 September 2014 )


10:17 pm PST ( 12 September 2014 )



8:43 pm PST ( 12 September 2014)

Government planning to starve the marchers to death


Message of the protesters for the Pakistani nation.


Late last night, guards of Dr.Qadri, key negotiator of MWM and DJ Butt of PTI and other workers were arrested by the police.


12:05 am PST (12 September 2014)

Message of the protesters for the rest of Pakistani nation.


11 September 2014

The struggle for this revolution is according to the law and constitution


7:00 pm PST ( 10 September 2014 )


Allama Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer, leading Ahle Hadith scholar at Inqilab March, showing his support for Dr.Qadri

8 September 2014



7 September 2014

Various religious scholars pay a rich tribute to Dr.Qadri at Inqilab March


6:17 pm PST ( 7 September 2014 )

Poster Credit >> Sajid Ali (Italy)






12:00 am PST ( 7 September 2014 )

Happy Revolutionary Birthday to sister Sadaf Alvi who is present at the Inqilab March Islamabad.



 9:50 pm PST ( 6 September 2014 )

Tent city in Islamabad all ready. The marchers are not going anywhere till your resignation and arrest Mr. Prime Ministerl.

10600546_820602027971020_2312203775020043212_n 10659214_820601471304409_9220754257227545257_n

7:00 pm PST (6 September 2014 )


 5 September 2014

Dr.Qadri`s interview on BBC World News

2:30 pm PST ( 5 September 2014 )

Dr.Qadri while delivering the Friday Sermon



Civil society members donating food, toys and other stuff for the marchers.


DSCN7812 DSCN7813 DSCN7814

 3 September 2014


This picture shows a victim of Islamabad Massacre, he had multiple rubber bullets and pellets shot at his head. The cranium was shattered and embedded into his brain. He was in critical care , fate unknown.




Qaisar Cheema a resident from Barcelona-Spain got shot in his shoulder by the police in Islamabad. The doctors under pressure from the government refused to remove the bullet as it posed “no serious threat”.


8:40 PM PST ( 3 September 2014 )



Public property destroyed by the state police in Pakistan.


The Government thought these containers would stop the marchers. Moment of silence.


Dr.Qadri`s interview with Becky Anderson-CNN.


6:00 pm PST ( 2 September 2014 )



4:00 am PST ( 2 September 2014 )



BREAKING NEWS ( 1 am PST | 2 September 2014 )






11:00 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )


9:00 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )

An armed man was just caught in the sit in of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. He claims to be a resident of Sector G6. When media personnel asked him what he was doing here, he said that he had come to the sitin with his friend. An unlicensed and loaded pistol was also recovered from him with an extra magazine. He claims that this pistol belongs to Umar, his neighbour who gave this pistol to him for safe custody.

Pakistan Awami Tehreeks admin suspects that this person was a mercenary sent by the government to assassinate Dr.Qadri or cause chaos. The man has been arrested and his weapons have been confiscated. The admin of PAT has asked the government to send a high ranking police officer with details of the arrested person so that he can be released. Till then he will be detained by the marchers.



8:52 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )



7:00 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )


More than 50 injured in last 2 minutes!!



3:30 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )

Pakistan Army giving water and food supplies to the marchers. On the other hand Police force stopped vans of food and water from reaching the protest site. Clear polarisation. People respect the Armed forces, not the politicised police.

 12:57 pm PST ( 1 September 2014 )

Headquarters of the State broadcasting channel were momentarily taken over by angry protesters. The standoff lasted a few minutes and ended when Military came and asked the protesters to leave the building peacefully. The protesters obeyed the command of military and left the building chanting “Long Live Pakistan Army”. Both protest leaders Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan denied giving instructions to the marchers and stated that rogue elements within the protest were responsible for at as the second and third tier leadership of both parties was no where near the building. Army had earlier taken the same stance when Brigadier Sarfaraz asked the protesters to leave peacefully because the main protest leaders were against this action of storming the building of state broadcasting channel.

The real story of attack.


4:00 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 )

Defections have begun.

66 69



We are getting reports that government is using banned chemical weapons upon the unarmed protesters. The protesters are showing symptoms of being affected by nerve gas.










4:20 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 )


3:50 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 )



3:45 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 )


3:15 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 )

 2:35 pm PST ( 31 August 2014 ) 


5:48 am PST ( 31 August 2014 )


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