Updates [ 14 – 23 Aug 2014 ]

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7:30 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )


PAT & PTI joint demonstration in Bradford,UK.


 6:30 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )


Last Night




3:45 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )

A police officer came to the protest to sell his children because of poverty. He stated that the senior officers have stopped his salary because he exposed the corruption of a high ranking officer and now he has no choice but to sell his children because of poverty.


3:30 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )

Small sacrifice for revolution .


3:00 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri`s address to the panel of lawyers who came to visit him and showed their support for the revolution.

2:00 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )


4:00 am PST ( 23 August 2014 )

Waqar Zaka the DareDevil comes out to support Dr.Qadri.


11:00 pm PST ( 22 August 2014 )

Government contaminated the water supply with harmful chemicals, many protesters fainted and had to be rushed in to the hospitals.





9:30 pm PST ( 22 August 2014 )

Raining in Islamabad


2:40 pm PST ( 22 August 2014 )


3:30 am PST ( 22 August 2014 )


2:00 am PST ( 22 August 2014 )

Mehfil e Sama ( Sufi gathering) at Constitutional Avenue in the presence of Shaykh ul Islam, Leader of Revolution Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri.


11:30 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )

Currently raining in Islamabad.


10:30 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )



10:22 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )

Raja Hassan Jamil enjoying a Cornetto in front of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


Earlier this morning Dr.Qadri gave his breakfast to the female protesters. Dr.Qadri refused to eat while the protesters remained without food.



8:26 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )


7:30 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )

6:00 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )

Translation: We are here against the corrupt system and corrupt politicians who have snatched our rights from us. We are here with Dr.Qadri, this Constitution Avenue was constructed with our tax money but it was off limits to us. We are here now and we are here to stay till we see the dawn of Revolution.


Another worker martyred:

Malik Muhammad Afzal brother of PAT President Gujranwala shot dead in his car.


 Raw Footage of Model Town Massacre



The Revolution cannot be postponed, it cannot be delayed and it cannot be stopped now, come what may.



5:51 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )


5:26 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )


4:00 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 )

Breaking News





Poster Credits : Muhammad Waqas Khan

3:00 pm PST ( 21 August 2014 ) 



 4:03 am PST ( 21 August 2014 )



2:30 am PST (  21 August 2014 )


Heavy police presence.


12:00 am PST ( 21 August 2014 )

 11:30 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )


11:00 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )



6:30 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri trying to calm the crowd down. A 4 member team of ministers came to negotiate with the marchers but the marchers were very angry at the arrival of the same men who had ordered the Model Town Massacre. Dr.Qadri told the marchers that it is a moral virtue to listen to enemies, the ministers should be allowed to explain their stance but one thing is clear that there will be no compromise on the blood of martyrs.


Professor Allama Hassan Mir Qadri, President Minhaj European Council at Inqilab March.


 4:30 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )



4:00 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )


Around 12:00 pm PST ( 20 August 2014 )

The marchers surrounded the parliament building and declared it as a sub-jail with the parliamentarians still inside.


 5:30 am PST ( 20 August 2014 )


Picture credits: Faisal Hussain

D-Square in Islamabad right now.



4:30 am PST ( 20 August 2014 )


2:30 am PST ( 20 August 2014 )

This is how marchers rest under the open sky in front of Parliament House

 1:30 am PST ( 20 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri delivers a historic address in front of the Parliament Building in Islamabad.


Milad Raza Qadri on his way to Parliament House




12:40 am PST ( 20 August 2014 )


9:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )




8:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

The millions of people being led by Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan, will enter to the Red Zone which has been cordoned off by a 3 tier security. Police in the first layer, Rangers in the second layer and Army in the third layer, ISPR has already declared that Army will not fire at the protesters and will not intervene.


7:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Break for maghrib prayers.


6:30 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 ) 

The first resolution that has been passed by Awami (Public) Parliament. All the participants unanimously agree to the following points:

1- The peaceful sit-in will be moved in front of the Parliament House of Pakistan.

2- The sit-in will not end until Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif resign, are taken into the custody of law and tried for the murders committed at the Model Town Massacre on June 17, 2014.

3- All the Provincial and National assemblies will be dissolved.

4- A new National Government for Democratic Reforms will be formed to implement the 12-point agenda for the welfare of the people of Pakistan



6:15 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )



6:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Mubasher Lucman senior journalist and anchor of Ary News just broke the news that all entry and exit points of Islamabad, Lahore and other cities have been sealed. People who support the revolution are being arrested and tortured all over Pakistan. Danial Aziz a politician from ruling party, told Ary News to stay away from their(Ary) office in Islamabad as it is under threat. Jammers have been placed in Islamabad to disturb TV transmission and internet access.



5:31 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Sahibzada Hamid Raza , leader of Sunni Ittihad Council on stage with other leaders of Revolution.



5:19 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri has arrived in the venue for his speech in the First session of Awami Parliament.



Wherever you are, reach for the sitins taking place in your respective cities.


5:15 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Security beefed up in the Red Zone.


5:14 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

5:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

First session of “Awami Parliament” about to start in Islamabad.

Meanwhile non-bailable warrants have been issued for Dr.Qadri and the top leadership of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, under the false pretence of violence.

 4:55 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )


4:00 pm PST ( 19 August 2014 )

One hour left in the first session of Awami Parliament.


Participants of Inqilab March cleaning up the venue


1:16 am PST ( 19 August 2014 )



12:00 am PST ( 19 August 2014 )

Deadline over




8:41 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 )


Celebrities attending the Inqilab March

Previously you saw Milad Raza Qadri, a Nasheed artist from U.K attending the Inqilab March, here is the picture of Muhammad Afzal Noshahi, another world famous Nasheed artist along with Shaykh Abu Adam Shirazi at the Inqilab March.


6:13 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 )

Nationwide sit-ins will start from tonight.



5:45 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri arrives at the venue for his speech.


5:23 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 ) 



4:46 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 )



2:00 pm PST ( 18 August 2014 )

Government placed signal jammers in Islamabad to lock Dr.Qadri`s automatic SUV, negotiations going on with local authorities to shut down the jammers to operate the car as travelling without the car will result in an unnecessary security risk.


2:00 am PST ( 18 August 2014 ) 



12:00 am PST ( 18 August 2014 )



4:30 pm PST – 6:45 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Dr Qadri said: Don`t shoot my sons and daughters, don`t shoot men and women, if you dare then come and shoot me, I am standing here without any protection, without any security.





Taking off his blazer Dr.Qadri said once again Come and shoot me, come and kill me, but you cannot stop the revolution.


59 61 62


Dr.Qadri presented the research which he had conducted over the last 2 years. He explained how corruption is being done in the country and what methods can be adopted to not just stop corruption, but also pay off all the external debts and make Pakistan one of the leading economies of this region.

Dr.Qadri said that in his research he came across 50 different ways of generating revenues internally but he only had time to discuss 8 methods in his speech.

This was a continuation of yesterdays speech. Yesterday Dr.Qadri presented the Charter of Demands and the mechanism for change and today he explained in detail how the new system would address the problems present in the country. ( A detailed blog post will be made on this later )

Dr.Qadri advised the marchers to be ready for a time of difficulty and hardships. At 12 am tonight, only 24 hours will be left in the deadline which was given last night. So far government has not taken it seriously. Dr.Qadri stated that if the demands were not met, then he would no longer be able to control the millions who are present in Islamabad at the moment.


The allied parties have devised a plan to strategically debilitate the government is demands are not met before the deadline ends. Major rail, road and air ways will be blocked.

Dr.Qadri asked the millions present to decide if they wanted to go back or stay for change. The people chanted “Inqilab Inqilab” ( Revolution Revolution). They said that they`ll not accept any negotiation with the government, they simply want the government to step down and surrender themselves to the law. No negotiations, no change of demands and no change in the deadline.

Crowd reaction during Dr.Qadri`s speech.


4:30 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri has arrived in the venue for his speech.




Time unknown – Probably around 4 pm PST ( 17 August 2014)

Haider Abbas Rizvi ,senior leader MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) meeting Dr.Qadri.




4:20 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Participants of Inqilab March have a firm resolution, they will settle for nothing less than a revolution which results in the total change of the system present in the country.



4:00 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Karakoram highway connects Pakistan with China and central Asia. If it is blocked, then the government will face immense international pressure.

Participants of Inqilab March have come from all over the world, including Barcelona – Spain.


Freedom: video credits Muhammad Ali Javed.

Calling all patriotic Pakistani`s to stand up for your mother land.


3:00 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )


2:00 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Chaudhry brothers , leaders of PML [Q] arrive at the Inqilab March



1:30 pm PST ( 17 August 2014 )

[Translation] We just bought a few things from a shop,the shopkeeper said Dr.Qadri`s followers and supporters will not leave till they get their demands fulfilled, these people are personification of steadfastness, they have come with their families and children.


2:19 am PST ( 17 August 2014 )


2:00 am PST ( 17 August 2014 )


12:00 am PST ( 17 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri has given a 48 hours deadline to the government. His demand is for the PM Pakistan and Chief Minister Punjab to resign and present themselves to the authorities, the cabinet to resign and present themselves to the authorities and for all 4 provincial assemblies and the National assembly to be dissolved. If this doesn`t happen with in the next 48 hours then a drastic step will have to be taken for the future of 180 million oppressed of this nation.


6:00 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

An unknown person was caught red-handed with a loaded gun, he was identified as the security guard of a sitting Minister. He was caught, brought to the stage where Dr.Qadri embraced him and advised him to stay away from murder and blood-shed.


The details of Dr.Qadri`s speech will be posted shortly in a comprehensive blog post. The main demands presented by Dr.Qadri are as follows:

Charter of Demand

1- Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Shareef should resign immediately.

2- All illegal and unconstitutionally formed National and Provincial assemblies should be dissolved at the earliest.

3- Ruthless across the board accountability.

4- Formation of a National Democractic Reforms Government.



5:15 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri`s historic address has started.

Tune into http://www.minhaj.tv to listen live.



 5 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )



4:30 pm PST (16 August 2014 )


The Lahore Session Court has issued orders to register the First Information Report (FIR) against CM Punjab, Federal Interior Minister and others for being involved in the 17th June Model Town Massacre where 14 people lost their lives and almost 100 were injured with bullet wounds.

This is just a “news” right now as everyone knows that Punjab Police is the personal police of the ruling party right now. Last week Lahore High Court issued orders to end the illegal blockade of Model Town and the Punjab Police paid no heed to the orders of the court.

 4:20 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

 4:13 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

It is common knowledge that CM Punjab inducted wanted terrorists in the Punjab Police to crush political opponents by force. According to latest intel the terrorists of banned organizations have been given police uniforms and will be used against the Marchers if a stalemate arises.


4:00 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )



3:00 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

Overseas Pakistani`s have also booked their flights and are coming in to take part in the historical struggle. It is no longer about Pakistan Awami Tehreek, the lives of 180 million people are at stake now.


2:00 pm PST ( 16 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri addressed the ocean of people gathered in Islamabad and ordered them to remain peaceful and non-violent. He said that he was the first scholar in the entire Muslim world and in the last 1000 years of Islamic history to issue a comprehensive edict (Fatwa) against terrorism, a book of almost 600 pages which shed light on the impressibility of terrorism and suicide bombings and armed resistance against the state in Islam.

Dr.Qadri further ordered all the people to be peaceful and if the government decides to open fire on unarmed and peaceful protesters then the people should present their chests to take the bullets but remain non-violent. Because his struggle is for Green Revolution, for a democratic revolution, for a revolution which `ll introduce Participatory politics in the country.






7:00 am PST ( 16 August 2014 )

First breakfast of the Inqilab March in Islamabad



3:00 am PST ( 16 August 2014 )

Caravans are still coming, the rivers are merging with an ocean of people already present in Islamabad. The stream of people coming in Islamabad seems never ending.


2:00 am PST ( 16 August 2014 )



All estimates have been washed away. Islamabad is showing the scene of the great exodus. It is an ocean of people. A drive of just 10 minutes from the entrance of Islamabad to the designated area took hours and hours. The people keep flooding in, emotions are high. The people of Pakistan have lived up to their covenant with this great country. They have risen but this is just the starting. The ranks have to be straightened and the war has to be fought, but with peace. It is expected that both leaders will present their demands in their respective speeches tomorrow.


12:00 am PST ( 16 August 2014 )


Dr. Qadri has entered Islamabad and at the moment it appears that his stage will be set at the Khayaban e Soharwardi. Imran Khan will shortly enter Islamabad and will set his stage at Abpara square. Both caravans will be next to each other. Speeches from both leaders expected shortly.



9:07 pm PST (15 August 2014 )



8:45 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )



7:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


Picture courtesy Raja Omer Jamil.

The entire length of Dr.Qadri`s Inqilab March is approximately 50 km. The head of Inqilab March is getting near Fayzabad interchange near Islamabad whereas the tail is somewhere near Jhelum.


6:30 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


Police in plain clothes or simply terrorists are being transported to the venue of marches. According to intel sources the plan of government is to instigate the workers of both Pakistan Awami Tehreek and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf against each other.



6:15 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


6:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


5:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


4:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


Dr.Qadri during over night stop in Chak Pirana, Kharian – Punjab.





2:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


12:00 – 1:00 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )

A coward act by the “Gullucratic” government of Pakistan. As you know 2 marches are heading towards Islamabad right now. Inqilab March lead by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri and Azaadi March lead by Imran Khan. There were intel reports of attacks on both convoys last night, Dr.Qadri changed his plans and instead of stopping in Gujranwala overnight he continued his journey and stopped at dawn in the town of Kharian.

Imran Khan`s Azaadi march was behind and it reached Gujranwala in the afternoon around 12-1 pm PST. As soon as Imran Khan`s convoy reached Gujranwala, hired terrorists attacked the convoy . They pelted stones and fired bullets at the unarmed and peaceful supporters of the march. Many people got injured. Small groups of terrorists attacked the convoy at 4 different points after which Imran Khan was advised to move out from the container truck and get into his bullet proof SUV for more security.

There are still threats of more attacks. This government is breathing its last and is now resorting to these coward and brutal means to stop and scare away the people who have risen to change the fate of this nation.



12 noon PST ( 15 August 2014 )


11:00 am PST ( 15 August 2014 )


9:00 am PST ( 15 August 2014 )



5:37 am PST ( 15 August 2014)

Dr.Qadri makes his first stop at Chak Pirana, situated in Gujrat.


5:17 am PST ( 15 August 2014 )


 Breaking News @ 5 am PST ( 15 August 2014 )


4:40 am PST ( 15 August 2014)



“Gullu Butt” is the term used in Pakistan for a mercenary for hire. There are confirmed reports that Government has activated Gullu Butt type terrorists in Punjab who have been tasked with infiltrating the marchers, causing havoc and mayhem. The attack was supposed to happen at Gujranwala, but due to prior reports Dr.Qadri changed the strategy and cancelled his stay in Gujranwala over the night. All marchers have now been advised to speed up and do not stop at any point till a safe haven is found where everyone can regroup. The convoy of Dr.Qadri is over 25 miles and it is being followed by the convoy of Imran Khan which is also several miles long. Dr.Qadri has advised his marchers to remain peaceful and do not be instigated by anyone. The terrorists will try to engage and slow down the convoy. Keep moving and stay peaceful.


4:10 am PST  ( 15 Augst 2014)



 2:14 am PST (15 August 2014)


1:40 am PST ( 15 August 2014 ) 

World famous Nasheed artist Milad Raza Qadri who is taking part in the Inqilab March of Dr.Qadri. This pic was sent just a couple of minutes ago. The head of Inqilab March is at Mureedke at the moment, the tail is still somewhere near the exit of Lahore.



This is perhaps one of the most symbolic images of Inqilab march. This girl is Bisma Amjad, daughter of martyred Tanzeela Amjad, who was killed by a bullet straight to the face on 17th June 2014 by the thugs of Punjab Police. The death of this young girl sparked the final countdown towards this revolution. Salute to the bravery of this young girl and salute to the bravery and sacrifice of her brave mother, whose sacrifice gave consciousness to the nation.


1 am PST (15 August 2014)



12:15 pm PST ( 15 August 2014 )


The timing of this event cannot be ascertained, it is believed that this happened between 8 pm PST and 10 pm PST (14 August 2014)


1000`s of people are walking on foot due to non-availability of buses.



11 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )



10 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )







10:25 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )

The head of Dr.Qadri`s Inqilab March is getting closer to Minar e Pakistan whereas the main body is still at GPO Square



9:30 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )


9:00 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )


8:30 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )




6:30 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )

Live update by Milad Raza Qadri, world famous Nasheed Artist



6:14 pm PST  ( 14 August 2014 )




 72 Shohada (Martyrs) brigade for the security of Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Remember this isn`t state security, these are the students of Dr.Qadri.


4 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )



3:45 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )




2 pm PST ( 14 August 2014 )

Inqilab(Revolution) March started from Model Town, Lahore. Under the leadership of Dr.Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Police refused to follow governments orders to arrest Dr.Qadri. Workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek removed the barriers and containers and started the march.



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