Updates [ 23 – 30 Aug 2014 ]

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Events between 11:00 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 ) and 5:00 am PST ( 31 August 2014 )


Police officers stormed into PIMS Hospital and moved the dead bodies and the injured to undisclosed location in order to reduce the body count. Doctors are being forced to discharge the victims of police terrorism. Many injured who were wounded by rubber bullets and live rounds too were discharged with the bullets still lodged inside their bodies.





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11:15 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

4 marchers have been killed



11:00 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

A lady has been shot dead by police! ( Confirmed )


10:30 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

Police shelling peaceful protesters with tear gas and firing rubber bullets. 24 people injured.



9:30 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri has announced that the Inqilab March will now move towards the PM House.



Mother of a rape victim at the stage. The criminals were never caught.


Reciting Adhaan for Divine protection.

Evidence: Twitter account of a banned sectarian terrorist organization openly asking the government to allow the terrorists to attack the peaceful marchers.


6:00 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri`s address has begun. Important announcement to be made shortly.



Marchers improvise: Waterproof makeshift tent house.

Tug of War:



10:00 pm PST ( 30 August 2014 )

Decision to move ahead finalised, but postponed at the last moment upon the request of Imran Khan whose workers weren`t fully prepared to move on and confront the government.


8:00 pm PST (29 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri announced that the deadline extension given upon the intervention of Pakistan Army had ended and none of the demands have been fulfilled. Dr.Qadri announced that after a few minutes Awami Jirga (Parliament) will be convened to decide future strategy.


6:09 pm PST ( 29 August 2014 )

ISPR`s clarification made it clear that the Prime Minister lied on the floor of parliament.

1:20 pm PST ( 29 August 2014 ) 

Dr.Qadri`s rebuttal to Prime Ministers false statement

4:00 am PST ( 29 August 2014 )



The government requested Army to intervene and find a solution to end the deadlock.




6:00 p PST ( 28 August 2014 )

Historic address starting



5:47 p PST ( 28 August 2014 )

Meanwhile at the protest site

5:00 p PST ( 28 August 2014 )

Fake police arrested

TV transmission in KPK (Province ) cut off


4:42 p PST ( 28 August 2014 )

TV transmission will be taken down in a few hours 


Why Pakistan needs a Revolution

Last Friday

Salutations being recited upon Holy Prophet [Peace be upon him ]



12:00 am PST ( 28 August 2014 )

Deadlock – End of negotiations


11:15 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )

Government team goes back.


10:45 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )

Cabinet team arrives once again to negotiate with Dr.Qadri and the protesters.


9:30 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )


Government sends Governor Sindh and Governor Punjab in a last ditch effort to find a solution.


Pir Sahab ( Spiritual Guide and custodian of Dewal shareef Karachi joins Inqilab March )


8:00 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )





7:00 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )


6:43 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )


6:00 pm PST ( 27 August 2014 )



Ishaq Dar the Finance Minister comes running at the last moment to negotiate.



Swedish Pakistani exposes Qadri and Khan!

I live in Sweden, I am not a supporter of Qadri or Khan. I`d like to tell the whole Pakistani nation that those who call Qadri and Khan as Jewish agents , both Qadri and Khan have Pakistani supporters here who are billionaires, Qadri and Khan are not agents, they are honest Pakistani`s who left lives of comfort to change the fate of down trodden Pakistani nation.

I was 15 years old when I left Pakistan and came to Sweden. Why did I leave Pakistan? There was nothing for me there, I couldn`t get a job, no one would lend me money to start a business, there was no protection of life and property. O Pakistani nation! Why are you so blind, can`t you see that the corrupt leaders have become Gods, they have taken the status of a Pharaoh and rule over you like Gods. There have been 22 amendments in the constitution and not a single change was for the welfare of the people. The politicians kill anyone they want, is this justice? Poor don`t get justice whereas the rich get speedy justice! Is this why Pakistan was created?

There is no law in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, there is no constitution in Pakistan. Has any politician ever raised the voice for a mother who drowned herself with her 5 children due to poverty.

When I came to Sweden I realised how enslaved Pakistani`s are in Pakistan. If I were in Pakistan , I would have been forced to do corruption. Overseas Pakistani`s send millions of dollars to Pakistan, we can live freely here, but we don`t spend on ourselves, we send extra savings to Pakistan to our families.

Look around O Pakistani nation, these corrupt Politicians have ruined your country and your culture, your media is influenced with Indian content. These fake mullahs who are criticizing the marchers are lying to you. These people have put their lives in danger to change the fate of this nation.

With Allah as my witness, I am telling you, Google has listed Pakistan as one of the most perverted nations, the children of these politicians kill anyone they want, torture everyone who stands against them. Qadri and Khan aren`t doing this for themselves, if they were doing this for themselves, they`d have been in Canada and U.K, living in luxury!

The overseas Pakistani`s have billions of rupees but they don`t shift their capital to Pakistan, why? Because they don`t trust the politicians. O Nation you aren`t being patient, you are oppressing yourself. We don`t want a system where the murderers can get away. Can`t you see that all the supporters of Status-quo have united against Qadri and Khan!

These despots are supporting lies and deceit, they will kill and trample upon you if you don`t rise right now. Please wake up O Nation, God will not forgive you if you let this opportunity go. God never helps a nation which itself doesn`t want to change its fate. The time is now, rise with these two leaders or else history won`t forgive you.

May God bless Pakistan.


Dama Dam Mast Qalandar – from Paris by Amar Naeem Ismaïl Qadri Yaseen kaudeer…


6:30 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )

They have donned their burial shrouds and are ready to face bullets.

 6:00 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )


3:15 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )


2:45 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )

Joint Interrogation Report nominates Shahbaz Shareef and cabinet as responsible for Model Town Massacre.


 2:15 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )

This brave revolutionary is out to buy her burial shroud. This is how dire the situation is, will you still stay silent? If you can come then reach Islamabad, if you cannot come then protest in your own cities.


2:00 pm PST ( 26 August 2014 )


4:19 am PST ( 26 August 2014 )


4:06 am PST ( 26 August 2014 )

Cavalry joins the March


3:46 am PST ( 26 August 2014 )

2 senior journalists join the Inqilab March



3:00 am PST ( 26 August 2014 )



8:35 pm PST ( 25 August 2014 )


8:00 pm PST ( 25 August 2014 )


6:00 pm PST ( 25 August 2014 )




4:50 am PST ( 25 August 2014 )

Breaking News: JIT ( Joint Interrogation Report ) has nominated CM Punjab Shahbaz Shareef, Former Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Dr. Tauqeer Shah and others as responsible for the Model Town Massacre.


6:00 pm PST ( 24 August 2014 )

Dr,Qadri`s address.



5:00 pm PST ( 24 August 2014 )

A delegation of Milli yakjehti council (National Unity Council) comprising of various religious and political leaders visited Dr.Qadri and extended their support for his 10 point agenda.


 Cricket by Revolutionaries in front of the Supreme Court of Pakistan


12:30 pm PST ( 24 August 2014 )

Federal Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique (Accused of Model Town Massacre) came without protocol with a spiritual personality of Sial Shareef to meet Dr.Qadri. The meeting lasted for almost 90 minutes during this time Dr.Qadri presented his case and argument and made it clear to the government that there`ll be no progress on negotiations unless the FIR (First Information Report) for Model Town Massacre is lodged and the criminals are punished.

Negotiations on all other demands will only be done once the perpetrators of Model Town Massacre are caught.

After the meeting Federal Minister left the protest venue without answering the questions of media personnel. His only statement was ” Whatever God wills will happen.”


Why are we protesting!! (English)



2:17 am PST ( 24 August 2014 )

 Sufi Song : Ali dam Ali Ali

Party Anthem : Agaya Islam ka salaar

PTI leader Ali Muhammat at PAT protest with Dr.Qadri


12:00 am PST ( 24 August 2014 )

State oppression at its worst, forcing TV channels to stop giving a voice to truth


11:00 pm PST ( 24 August 2014 )

Dr.Qadri announced that tonight is a very important night. There are confirmed reports that government has sent terrorists in the protests and the government is also asking India to attack our borders so that the army remains engaged at the borders.

After this Dr.Qadri advised everyone to perform the ritual ablution and face Makkah and recite the Islamic call to prayers 7 times as this was the method of pious predecessors whenever any danger was present.

The pigeons or doves of peace are here too 🙂

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9:40 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )




9:30 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )

All entry and exit points in Red Zone have been sealed now and mobile signals are being jammed.


8:00 pm PST ( 23 August 2014 )


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