The Human Rights Bills – Divine or Man-Made?

This was one of the works published by FANAR, Qatar Islamic Cultural Centre. FANAR is on a high-profile mission; to act as a guiding light to whole of mankind, and to help all non-Arabs to have a better understanding of Islam and culture of Qatar. FANAR is a governmental organization that presents culture to all world through a variety of activities such as Exhibitions, tours of the centre, visits to the mosque and Arabic language Courses. FANAR is a Qatari milestone, known for its Islamically inspired architectural designs and amazing ornaments with a beautiful outlook of the city Doha. From the rich Qatari heritage of sailing at large, the lighthouse was a tangible way of returning to land safely. FANAR now uses this exact metaphor to act as a beacon of light to humanity, hoping to present culture to feed and nurture the soul.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s research on the Constitution of Madinah is mentioned on page 7.

The Human Rights Bills FANAR

Complete research is available in PDF: The Human Rights Bills


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