#Palestine under attack by #Zionist invaders again.

Palestine, is not just a country, it is not just a piece of land, it is a state of being! October, brought with it yet another wave of pharaonic oppression and tyranny. The Zionist occupying forces initiated systematic killing of the Palestinian youth. The Palestinian youth, armed with nothing more than sticks, stones and occasional …

Murdered & Massacred Night After Night

Lest we forget. Gaza still suffers. The blockade is still on, children are still dying everyday though not from bombs, but from the cold which they have to face. Many in Gaza have no roof, no warm clothes, as everything they had was destroyed in the Summer terrorist offensive by Israel.

Updates from #Palestine via @Khadijahzahid

Updates from #Palestine via @Khadijahzahid.

Updates from #Palestine via @Khadijahzahid

When was the last time you heard about Palestine? Was it in the news? Every now and then, Palestine makes it to the headlines, but it is almost never portrayed in a positive light by the mainstream media. The purpose of this post is not to delve deep into a political discussion. The purpose of …

Al-Aqsa mosque is closed fully and completely by the Israeli Occupation Forces – @DaliaZLababidi

Masjid al Aqsa, situated in Jerusalem, is probably one of the most disputed pieces of land with all three Abrahamic faiths laying claim to the area. Jerusalem was conquered twice by the Muslims. First by Caliph Umar al Farooq [r.a],after a siege. The caliph himself walked into the city wearing a patched cloak. The Christian …

No respite for Gaza via @DaliaZLababidi

Don`t forget Gaza via @DaliaZLababidi

There is so much happening in the world right now that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep an eye on all events of oppression and tyranny. I wasn`t able to focus on Gaza much as my own country is burning under tyranny right now and in the last week we lost almost …

“Every house was hit, they have no target.” via Khalid al Mezaini

Khalid al Mezaini via Gaza

Gaza is still alive via @DaliaZLababidi

Dalia Lababidi via Gaza

Eid in Gaza

Eid day marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it marks the end of the month of fasting and patience, the three days of Eid are days of celebration for Muslims, when they visit their loved ones and forget the pains of this world. The Eid day starts with ritual prayers in the …

Advice of Shaykh Habib Ali al Jiffri

"Every time you go to Hajj, Umrah and to visit the Prophet (peace be upon him), go to Jerusalem. Go to the Palestinian hotels, and eat in the Palestinian restaurant, and buy from Palestinian traders – since of the 50,000 of the native Jerusalemites both Muslim and Christian, 70% of them live below the poverty …

Jinnahs stance on Palestine

  "May I point out to Great Britain that this question of Palestine, if not fairly and squarely met, boldly and courageously decided, is going to be the turning point in the history of the British Empire. I am sure I am speaking not only of the Mussalmans of India but of the world, and …

No shelter in Gaza

Let me reiterate one point which has been mentioned by sister Dalia . The total land area of Israel is 20770 sq km, and the total population of Israel is almost 7 million, this means that est 337 people live per sq km in Israel. This is modest by international standards. Now lets look at …

What happened in Khuzzaa?

Tragedy continues to unfold in Gaza

Attack on UNRWA shelter in Gaza

Words have failed me, words like inhumane and barbaric have become a cliche` now, this is just monstrosity, even though Israel isn`t saying it, but its actions clearly indicate that Israel wants to wipe out Gaza from the map, even the "torah" states "an eye for an eye" not a city for an eye. The …

Deception of the system

Deception, is a word we often use, the word carries far deeper meanings than we perceive. Deception is not just trickery, it is infact a tool, a vital tool for the ruling elite to keep the masses under control, to play with them like puppets without them even realising that they are being played with. …

Like Herding Cats: My not-so-simple struggle through modern activism in the quest of finding reasonable steps towards peace inside of International Conflicts.

Reblogging this post because it speaks of rising up from our prejudices and being a humanitarian,I strongly believe that deep down every religion preaches humanitarianism.

(true) Radicalism in the 21st Century

Hello World-

My name is Madison. Like many writing a blog, I am a twentysomething year old towards the end of my college career and seeking my true path in life…..not that I can ever know completely what that is, but the passion I have towards finding it seems to be helping me through. When I’m not obsessively thinking about the global implications of capitalism, consciousness, the state of our world’s class structure, and issues of social equality, I spend my time as an active painter, singer, traveler, reader, student, hot-sauce connoisseur, INFP, and modern day radical.

Wait a minute…….


I know what you’re thinking- seriously, I do. Everything else sounds fine, but really?  A self-proclaimed radical? That word is -quite literally- thrown all over the place as a buzz word to either scare or to show fanatical allegiance to a one-sided cause, depending on the generation. “What’s so new?”…

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Israel continues to destroy hospitals in Gaza

This is the third time Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza during the recent aggression. A few days ago Al Wafa hospital was targetted as well, this is a war crime, clearly an attempt to increase the death toll by limiting the number of wounded who survive. Gaza is already facing a humanitarian crisis, the …

What happens in Gaza,will no longer stay in Gaza.

Electronics of a missile embedded in the body of a victim. The last two days have been the most deadly days in the recent Israeli aggression,almost 200 people have died in the last two days. We have mentioned again and again that the international community needs to wake up and we have seen in the …