Stories from Occupied Jammu and Kashmir – Saood Nazir

About my last post about the army torturing four boys in Shopian,
According to one of the victims, the army barged into their home around 12:30 AM on August 12 and directly called for his name. After they found him sleeping upstairs, he was beaten and given electric shocks to his body. This didn’t last very long and they snatched his phone and asked him to come to the base camp to collect it at 9 AM on August 14.

On that day they searched his phone, his photos, his messages and everything it contained. After they found nothing, he was asked to do a headstand against a wall and every time he would fall, he had to remove a piece of clothing. In his words, he first removed his shirt and then his pants. The third time he fell, he was only wearing his socks and his underwear. At this point, the army major asked him what he would like to remove next and he preferred the socks. The fourth time and he was totally naked. At this point, he was taken to the ground outside and a rod was put through his legs behind his knees and he was asked to squat on it. While this was going on, he was continuously beaten with sticks.

At one point he was asked to rotate around an iron pole fifty times and maintain his composure afterwards. Off course he couldn’t and he was beaten further. This continued from 11 until 3 PM. I met him around 4:30 that day.

In his words, at one point the army major, frustrated at something, told him “ I’m not some random asshole who you can fool around with, but a graduate from an IIT”.

Let that sink in too.


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