#Kashmir Still Under Lock Down

It has been 2 weeks since Kashmir has been under lock down. There are soldiers outside every house, the ratio of troops to civilians is almost 12 : 1 .

People have started to run out of food stocks and medicines, there have been reports of as many as 4000 people under forced detention.

This whole scenario begs the question, what is India afraid of ? If the Indian government claims that the people of Kashmir are happy, then why has the entire state been under a lockdown for 2 weeks now? Why have 4000 people been arrested? Why have 2 former Chief Ministers been arrested? Why are Hurriyat leaders under detention if things are normal in the valley?

No, things are not normal. Indian government led by PM Modi, knows that Kashmir was never theirs and for this reason they are using state power and fear psychosis to control the population. But this is bound to backfire as the curfew cannot go on perpetually. The Kashmiri people have resisted Indian occupation since 1948 and will continue to do so. But the recent turn of events has catalysed the struggle for freedom.

Moreover, the most concerning fact is the recent tirade of statements by high ranking officials from the Modi government. Indian Defence Minister made a statement in which he threatened to use nuclear weapons against Pakistan. This goes against the long established policy of “No first use” by India. 

PM Imran Khan has appealed to the world to take notice of this nuclear blackmailing. U.N has been notified to the same effect that India is provoking a nuclear war in the region and if the international community stays silent then Pakistan will not be held responsible for any fall out.

Pakistan and India have never been more closer to a nuclear war. There have been reports of deployment of nuclear and ballistic missiles on both sides. Night time border raids and clashes have become frequent and there are daily casualties on both sides.

Where the situation will go from here, nobody knows. Unless the international community steps in to implement the U.N resolutions on Kashmir, the situation will continue to worsen and Kashmir may possibly become a nuclear flash point.


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