Get to know Robin Hood Army and Hamara Ghar via @musher_01

Not all heroes wear capes, some collect food which the affluent don`t have need of while some provide much needed assistance to girls so they can follow their dreams. Robin Hood Army and Hamara Ghar are 2 such charity based initiatives in Pakistan.

Robin Hood Army collects left over food from restaurants, wedding and banquet halls and distributes it where it is needed most. Food, mind you perfectly fine food which would otherwise have been wasted is collected and distributed back to the society. In a way it also presents us with the anti thesis of modern society where extravagance rules the day. Food is prepared in restaurants and in weddings for those of us who can afford it and we do not even consider for a moment if there is more food than we need and should we take the initiative ourselves to distribute it to those in need.

Here in Karachi it is a common sight to have the poor and needy cuing outside restaurants and wedding banquets, begging for food while people like me pay no heed and continue to pile our plates with food which we`ll not even consume completely.

It takes countless hours and resources to produce the crops which go into our food and only takes us a few seconds to waste that food when it could have fed someone in need. No amount of legislation is going to change this unless we change our attitude towards the society we live in. Be mindful of what you eat, what you wear. If there is left over food in your fridge then maybe offer it to that beggar you saw outside the street or at the traffic signal. If there are more clothes than you need, then perhaps give it to someone in need or donate them to Edhi foundation.

Hamara Ghar is another excellent initiative, much needed indeed where girls whose families cannot afford to send them to school or those who have been orphaned, are given shelter, a home like environment and the opportunity to continue their education to fulfill their dreams. Not just Pakistan but in a world where it is not easy being a girl, Hamara Ghar provides a safe and protected environment to these girls. This is not just charity work, these people are serving humanity. Hamara Ghar makes sure that these girls do not get bogged down by the tragedies they have seen in life and that they do not miss out on opportunities to excel in life.

Credits to Mehr Sher for bringing these initiatives to our attention.


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