The day #Karachi sunk…

Have a look at the above thread to get the full picture.

A few weeks ago Karachi was battered with intense monsoon rains. Almost 4 hours of non stop rain caused the clogged up storm drains of this neglected city to flood the low lying areas under 3-5 feet of water. Had the storm drains been maintained properly by the authorities, the flooding might never have happened. But Karachi is a mega city with its own issues. The city is already big enough to be a province on its own merit moreover the rapidly expanding population without any proper planning has added to the misery of this city.

These problems were exposed badly when the all the storm drains flooded because they have either been encroached upon by illegal settlements or they have been clogged up due to years of negligence on the part of local government which is non existent. As a result around 17 people and 5 animals died due to rain related incidents and many low lying areas were inundated with rain and sewerage water.

The city would have been totally submerged under at least 2-3 feet of water had the military not taken prompt action to drain out water from key locations. the fact that military had to be mobilized to save the city from being drowned shows just how badly the local government has failed. The Mayor of Karachi was in USA when his city was drowning, the deputy mayor was lying on media channels that everything in the city is fine and the Chief Minister of Sind was totally absent from the whole scenario.

To add to the misery, when first responders and volunteers started to rescue the people on their own some political representatives mocked them. People living in relatively well of areas which had not received much rainfall were also seen denying the urban flooding which rest of the city was facing that day. What does this tell us? Clearly that the Pakistani society is heading towards a collapse, in every sense of the word.

I can tell you about Karachi, the whole road infrastructure has collapsed. Every day the city sees traffic jams for hours on the main arteries. Karachi has no functional public transport system. The city has no solid waste management system at all which is why garbage heaps can be seen in every area. I can write more but this is enough to cast some light on the absolute decadence this city is facing.



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