Burma, the untold story.

I was putting off writing about Burma as there is so little I personally understand about the ongoing conflict in Burma. Hopefully this is going to be a chain of posts about the ongoing genocide of Rohingya Muslims living in Burma.

Burma or it is also known as Myanmar is situated between India, China, Bangladesh, Laos and Thailand. The current genocide began around 2012, as I personally do not know much about the on going conflict, I won`t say what caused the ongoing conflict.

Over the last 5 years the conflict escalated to a genocide which is actively being carried out by the state of Myanmar. It is incredibly difficult to gain access to the villages where the Rohingya muslims are located, all the villages are cordoned off by the state, journalists and reporters are not usually allowed in.

I have come across a documentary shot by Waqar Zaka, a Pakistani dare devil, television host, trend setter and humanitarian. Hopefully this documentary will be the starting point of a chain of write ups concerning the ongoing genocide in Burma. This documentary was made back in 2015, it has been quite a while and the genocide has certainly escalated many levels since then. But this documentary gives a good view of the ground realities which were present in Burma in 2015.


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