Incoherent thoughts.

The world seems to have encountered some turbulence lately with every region facing turmoil in one form or the other. Clashes in Venezuela, protests against police brutality in France, lone wolf attacks in Europe, famine in Africa, rising incidence of rape in South Africa, political instability in Korea,  a dose of daily absurdity from the Trump land, fire  and civil war in the Middle East and a growing storm in South Asia. It is funny how the world seems to be on the verge of WW3, so strange that amidst all the hate how the world has all of a sudden become devoid of voices of sanity. Mother Teresa, Abdul Sattar Edhi and Nelson Mandela once graced this world with their presence, with their sanity and love for humanity, so strange that the world today has forgotten their message so quickly and instead of messengers of peace we have harbingers of chaos.

The few good people are silent and the many evil ones are cheering as if they are at a concert. Humanity is dying a slow and painful death, losing blood every second, drop by drop the lights are dimming out and darkness creeping in quickly. Every passing day the world slips further towards chaos, it is as if a darkness has enveloped our collective conscience so that we can no longer differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

The world unfortunately has become a very dark place, everyone seems to have lost their bearing. We are living in a world where weapons are singularly the largest industry in the world right now, we have got enough money to spend on weapons but no money to feed the millions living under impoverished conditions! The world exploits Africa for her vast natural resources but the natives of Africa can`t even get square meals a day. We have got enough men and resources to fight a war but no will to stop conflict before it arises. People are killed every day by state and criminals yet no one is ever held accountable. The weak cry in vain while the wicked oppressors lead the way into future! Humanity suffers while our lives go on unaffected, how can we call ourselves human beings when we cannot feel the pain of fellow humans?



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