Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi, the richest poor man has passed away from this temporal world. I have already scribbled out hundreds of words because no matter what I write, words which are our most inexhaustible source of expression cannot do justice to this man`s life and legacy.

A humanitarian, who lived and died for the humans, who always spoke for the humans and when asked what his message for his nation was, he only replied “Become humans”. Edhi was a man who did not receive traditional education, but he was far more “educated” and civilized than many of the intellectuals and topmost luminaries of this era. Edhi dedicated his life to the poor and the oppressed and lived with austere simplicity. He lived in a two room apartment with his wife, had only one set of clothing which became his symbol, and a pair of shoes which he bought 20 years ago! This is the man who on countless occasions took to the streets and the people emptied their pockets and savings for him. Whenever he came out to appeal for donations, people donated billions of rupees within hours, even if people came across him when wasn`t appealing for donations, they donated to him. Such was the trust people had in this saint who is no longer with us.

Public welfare and health services in Pakistan have always been dismal and have become non-existent in the last few years. Edhi nurtured Pakistan when the nation needed him most. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed away in a broken ambulance, Edhi started his own ambulance service which by the blessings of Allah[s.w.t] morphed into singularly the largest ambulance network in the entire world. The ambulance network of Edhi is so large and well managed that even the developed countries have not been able to replicate it. Edhi then set up a network of care centres were the oppressed, poor, abandoned, old and young are embraced regardless of their caste, creed or color.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was not just your typical social worker, he had attained self actualisation and transformed into a symbol of hope, source of inspiration and a manifestation of what a human being should be like.

I have never found myself at a lack of words except now, there`ll be someone truly worthy of writing about Edhi sahab out there. Please pay a visit to the official website of Edhi foundation >> https://edhi.org/ << and do whatever you can to be a part of his struggle to guide this lost flock back towards humanity. May God help us all to become human beings in the real sense.

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