Yet another protest at D-Chowk

Non-Regular teachers of government schools and colleges in the state capital Islamabad have occupied the road that leads to the Parliament house, since last 70 days. Why are they protesting? The government has not paid them the salary of last 7 months, this however is not why I had to make this blog post.

Since last 70 days, highly educated individuals of this nation have been protesting and no one has raised their voice or helped them in any way. The teachers include mostly women who have children as well to look after, the government however seems to have no shame at all. The mothers and daughters of this nation are protesting, the residents of Islamabad come to see the show, take a few pictures and leave.

This however isn`t the first time, neither is this the last one. In 2013 Dr.Qadri occupied the same road in January for the reconstitution of illegally constituted ECP, except his supporters, no one came to stand for the cause. A couple of months later in 2013, the whole nation saw how corrupt politicians once again came to the throne. In 2014 again Dr. Qadri and Imran Khan occupied the same roads for months. The nation didn`t respond. The major protest movement was launched against the decadent system which has gripped Pakistan. The people however remain seated in their comfortable living rooms, watching the scenes unfold on their tv sets. Thousands of people, both men and women protested for months, faced brutal state torture and persecution. The nation wasn`t moved.

So what makes these few dozen teachers think that they can get what they came for? What makes them think that the nation cares whether they live or die? No, they aren`t important. They can protest all they want, the other people who live in this country have far more important things to do. What is the worth of a teacher really? Nothing.

They should wake up, this is Pakistan, only the corrupt and criminals get respect, who told these teachers to get educated anyway? It is entirely their fault that they valued education instead of loot, plunder and corruption. What good have their Master`s degrees and Doctorates have done them? They can`t even get 3 square meals a day after becoming “highly educated”.

One teacher who has a degree of Master`s in Social sciences, said that the government and military both have a motto now that as a nation we have to deradicalise the future generations of terrorists. The teacher says, really? How are you going to do that when the teachers who are supposed to do that are protesting on the roads for their rights? Your own teachers are being driven to extremism, then how can anyone expect to deradicalise the terrorists?

A lot can be said, but it`ll be futile as the people are not willing to open their eyes. So i`ll just leave you with this clip from 2014 when the state capital was occupied by thousands of protesters. Had these teachers and all other factions of the society stood up with these marchers and protesters, Pakistan might have been different today.



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