#Palestine under attack by #Zionist invaders again.

Palestine, is not just a country, it is not just a piece of land, it is a state of being!

October, brought with it yet another wave of pharaonic oppression and tyranny. The Zionist occupying forces initiated systematic killing of the Palestinian youth. The Palestinian youth, armed with nothing more than sticks, stones and occasional knives have been killed mercilessly. The death toll has now crossed over 20 with hundreds injured and arrested.

Yes, there have been incidents of Palestinians stabbing the occupying Zionists. Was it right? or was it wrong? Before answering this you should think about July-August 2014 when the Zionist occupiers bombed 2000+ children in Gaza. Was it right? If bombing unarmed civilians was right then yes stabbing those who support the Zionist state can be called a right decision and if bombing those innocent people wasn`t right. Then did the world do anything to punish those who committed the crime last year?

Remember, injustice and oppression lead towards rebellion. The Palestinians have been facing injustice and oppression ever since 1948 when they were cast out from their land and massacred.

What you are seeing in Palestine today is a result of almost over half a century of oppression, tyranny, massacre and neglect! While the Zionist occupying forces use hi-tech weapons the Palestinians use sticks and stones!

Apparently, killing unarmed girls is considered bravery in the Zionist state. Identified as Isra Ab`ed, she was shot dead in summary execution manner in full public view.


Jerusalem Post described her being a “female terrorist”. Funny how a female terrorist didn`t have bombs strapped to her, or even a rifle to shoot anyone. Nope, this female terrorist had nothing on her. So why was she a terrorist? Probably because she was a Muslim as this is the only pre-requisite you need to be a terrorist nowadays.

The videos below show more of these so called “terrorists” who were shot dead by the Zionist forces.

It is ironical how the “dead terrorists” don`t seem to have any sort of lethal weapon through which they could possibly have terrorized anyone and the Zionist forces are all equipped with guns ? Has the definition of a terrorist changed? Perhaps unarmed and probably angry civilians are now classed as terrorists! If this is the case then angry protesters all over the world should be shot dead because after all, they are angry and pose a serious threat of terrorism to their respective governments.

Wondering what the above video is all about? Under cover Zionist settlers beating up Palestinian protesters and shooting them from point blank range. All under the supervision of the ever so brave Zionist occupying forces. Apparently, the Zionist settlers aren`t terrorists in spite of possessing and using weapons on an unarmed person.

You don`t need to be an adult to resist, to be courageous. This little girl took 30 seconds to put all the so called leaders to shame. Why is it that no leader in the world can dare to call a spade a spade? Probably because everything in the world is made in China, except courage. Courage is made in Palestine!

The above picture dates back to September 2015. It shows a girl who refused to take off her veil, she was later shot almost 17 bullets. It takes courage to stand in the face of death, not ordinary courage, it takes courage made in Palestine!

The resistance has been going on since 1948, bombs and bullets can`t scare the Palestinian resistance. But the question is, how long will the world at large watch their suffering? If you are expecting the media to cover this then should get a reality check. Mainstream media never goes against the interests of media moguls. Mainstream media is a tool for mass manipulation and showing the real picture of Zionist oppression will only help in breaking the spell and the media moguls and ruling elite can never afford to break the spell they have so strongly weaved over the masses.

The choice is yours, either believe the brainwashing of mainstream media or realize the nature and quantum of the lies you are being fed on an hourly basis. Whilst you sit comfortably, 12 and 13 year old kids are being killed in cold blood. They won`t give up, but will you get up and stand with them?


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  1. Hopefully with American influence declining in the Middle East, the UN Security Council will find the testicularity to enforce their various resolutions against Israeli occupation, Israeli settlements and open genocide against the Palestinian people.

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