#BadaberAttack| Attack on Badaber PAF camp.

Khoon mein nahaye huay in jismon se pucho
Is zameen pe jaan lutane ka maza hai kia!

(Ask the corpses drenched in blood and sweat
how it feels to be sacrificed for this pure land)


On 18th September 2015 at the time of dawn prayers, the Badaber PAF camp in the suburbs of Peshawar was attacked by almost 14 armed terrorists dressed in FC uniforms. According to preliminary reports, the terrorists entered the base from 2 locations and were immediately thwarted by the manned outposts. From that point the terrorists split up into 3 teams. As 2 teams engaged the military personnel on duty, one team of terrorists managed to rush towards a mosque where the dawn prayers were being offered.

Seeing their plan to infiltrate the air base to take out the strategic assets of PAF crushed, the terrorists made one last desperate attempt to cause chaos and mayhem by firing upon worshipers. Unarmed and defenseless, the worshipers attained the lofty rank of martyrdom.

Contained within the parking area, mosque and the barracks, the terrorists were not allowed to penetrate deeper in to the camp. They were soon confronted by 3 technicians of PAF, who fought valiantly and managed to take down 5 terrorists before succumbing to injuries and attaining martyrdom. The valiant technicians of PAF did their job, they defended their base and held the terrorists long enough for the quick response force to take the charge. Within 5 minutes of the attack, the QRF arrived, headed by Captain Asfand Yar Bukhari –Sword of Honor/(Shaheed).

QRF engaged the 3 teams of terrorists instantly and simultaneously. All routes leading to the strategic assets were secured. A closed quarter battle ensued which lasted for a couple of hours. The cowardly terrorists were no match for the brave soldiers of Pak Army. Captain Asfand Yar Bukhari, while leading from the front managed to take down several terrorists single handedly and in the process laid down his life for the Pak Sar Zameen (blessed and pure land of Pakistan).


According to media reports and ISPR figures, almost 29 people(25 military personnel/4 civilians) including the 3 technicians and Captain Asfand yar Bukhari received martyrdom in the terrorist attack. Initial reports say that the terrorists were in contact with their operators in Afghanistan. This attack was carried out in a similar manner to the Army Public School attack on 16 December last year.

While the base was under attack, India once again violated the ceasefire over the international boundary and opened indiscriminate fire over Nakyal sector, which resulted in the death of a teenage girl. In last 2 days, 3 civilians have been martyred by the ceasefire violations being done by India on a daily basis. Is there a link between the Budh-beir air base attack and the ceasefire violation? I believe there is. The world stands as a witness that Pakistan is under attack on both the Eastern and Western borders and yet we are adopting all diplomatic means to convey our very valid concerns to India about the ceasefire violations and the involvement of RAW in terrorist attacks from the Western border. Pakistan`s patience and reluctance to adopt more severe modes of answering this unprovoked aggression by India should not be taken as a weakness or inability to respond.

This is the first major attack on any military installation in last 8 months. Operation ZarbeAzb against the terrorists is going on in the country and the attacks have seen a sharp decline, but such attacks suggest that the terrorists and their operators and facilitators are still active. It is highly likely that the operation will move up a notch now.

Terrorists do not understand. The people of Pakistan, we are not going to be defeated by these cowardly acts. Dying while defending the mother land is an honor for every patriotic Pakistani. Killing innocent worshipers during prayer is surely of the most cowardly acts one can ever do. The terrorists are not Muslims, they cannot even be human. They can use as many lies as they can to justify their actions, in the end their fate will always be full of misery, pain and shame.

Captain Asfand Yar Bukhari Shaheed.


If anything, this attack has only united the Pakistani nation once again. Our eyes are wet but our hopes are ever high. We salute and pay our respect to the martyrs of today`s attack. O martyrs! You like your brothers and sisters before, have fulfilled your oath to this pure land, you took bullets on your chest and didn`t turn your back. You gave every last drop of blood you had for the protection of your people. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Long Live Pakistan
Death Before Disgrace!


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