Talibanization: The Whole Problem Is the Gawadar Port and Trade Route

The original article was written in 2010 and can be found on OpEd News website on this link.


By Khalid Baig  Posted by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall . Text in italic indicates addition by Operation Pakistan.

This is a long article, but the information it contains is mind-blowing. It gives the real geopolitical reasons for the US war on Pakistan.

Gilgit: work on the Phase-II extension at a halt by Khalid Baig

Extension work on Phase-II has totally stopped due to the worsening situation in Swat, Dir and other tribal areas…

(Osama certainly wasn`t an angel,but here is a clip of CNN which shows that OBL denied his involvement in the attack, if this is true then who carried out the 9/11 attacks? and if this isn`t true then why did CNN air his statement?)

Do you accept that Muslims were involved in the famous incident of terrorism 9/11? If this is the truth, then look back at the newspapers of 2001. All the pilots who crashed planes at the Pentagon and in New York were Arabic. According to American research institutes, few Arabic youth took regular flying lessons after undergoing terrorists training (they were trained within America, and American security agencies were ignorant of it?). Most of these pilots were from Saudi Arabia and the rest from Egypt. They all were the children of highly educated and rich families.

Then why did America attack Afghanistan, when no Afghanis participated in this incident of terrorism? Some American intellectuals blamed Osama Bin Laden (without any proof), who was hiding in Afghanistan to provide financial backing for terrorists. This accusation was rejected by Osama. But Americans attacked Afghanistan aggressively and destroyed whole country. At that time even the American media was astonished and said without evidence, blaming Muslims for terrorism is was a lie.

In order to provide support for its aggressiveness, America started using terminology like Islamic extremism and Talibanization. But the real purpose behind this attack wasn’t to arrest Osama or to remove the Taliban government. Actually the real purpose was to occupy the mineral wealth of central Asian states and control the routes for transporting it to the world. And now events in the eight years since 9/11 in the eight have proved that this terrorist incident was the part of the plan to control the routes to the central Asian states and their mineral wealth – which has set the whole area on fire.

Pakistani Taliban: their identity is unknown, but their targets are clear
At this time, the Pak-army is fighting in the tribal areas against the Taliban and so called Talibanization. Except for the navy, all departments of the armed forces are being utilized in this war. In the whole country there is a “security high alert” for impending acts of terrorism. When this war will end is unpredictable. However it started in June 2002, when first bullet was fired on security forces in order to stop the development on Gawadar port in Balochistan, on behalf of the undeveloped Baloch nation.

In the 2005 when the work on the Gawadar port was completed, the tension in Balochistan was at its peak. Dozens of Chinese engineers working on port were murdered or wounded. The situation so unstable that the Chinese Premier, the chief guest for the inauguration of port, had to go back to Islamabad. Chinese intelligence wouldn’t allow him to proceed to Gawadar. But our media analysts weren’t ready to tell the truth to the nation: that the real cause of tension in was the development of Gawadar by Chinese and that the USA, India and some Muslim countries weren’t very happy about it.

Perhaps the problem would have been restricted to Balochistan, if not for Phase II of the Karakorum Highway, which extended it to NWFP (the tribal areas). The fight in the name of Islam started in Bajor, Malakand, and Swat, when in 2004 China signed an agreement with government of Pakistan for an extension of the historical highway from Gilgat to Swat, passing through Dir and Chitral. That highway was named the Karakorum Highway phase II. According to history books the highway was built approximately 5000 years ago between central Asian states and China coming through Khyber Pass via Peshawar.

As soon as some parts of that plan were brought to world attention, a siren went off in the capitals of some countries. The USA took it as a threat to her plans, and India felt it threatened her integrity. Nearby countries were also affected by this trade route from Gawadar to Sinkiang (Tashghur). Meanwhile, after starting the work on Gawadar Port, China also started laying a railway line from Shanghai to Sinkiang (Tashghur). That construction plan of this railway line, completed in 2008, is as unique as Great Wall of China.

Indian Consulates in various cities (Lashkargah, Koshila Jadeed, and other) in Afghanistan. Their role is to train manpower to fight against the Pakistan Army.
The war in Balochistan has been very successful in keeping China away from Gawadar Port and stopping Pakistan (and the deprived Balochs) from availing themselves of its economic benefits. However a similar strategy [Bramhall’s note: presumably of the US and India funding free lance terrorists, i.e. mercenaries] wasn’t adoptable in NWFP (the tribal areas). So keeping mind the love in these areas for Islam, propaganda was launched about Osama and the main leadership of Al Quaeda being parent in these areas. With the claim these areas are a threat to be threat to West. British and US media have already been heavily propagandizing that the Taliban hides in these areas to launch attacks on US and NATO Forces and return back to hide in these areas.

Soon Afghan president Hamid Karzai also started blaming the tribal areas for interference. He even blamed ISI and the Pak-Army for financially supporting the Taliban to fight against allied forces. When this didn’t have any effect, American generals, their secretary of state and the head of the CIA also expressed concern about Pak-Army for the Taliban. Based on mutual benefit, the same countries also encouraged India to utilize its old relationships with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to halt the development of the Gawadar Port and the trade route to China.

The USA has specific reasons to prevent China from using the Gawadar Port. But India just supports US wishes to make Pakistan weak to fulfill its dream of occupying Pakistan. In Afghanistan many offices were opened for to recruit jobless youth from Pakistani tribal areas and send them to India to terrorist training camps. Tribal youth were deceived that they were being sent to camps somewhere within Afghanistan. In these training camps, they are first of all brain washed, then trained for terrorist acts, gorilla warfare and sent back to Pakistan. In this regard Indian agency RAW is being helped by Israel and the MOSSAD.

In this way the Indian embassy and its sub offices in Afghanistan were converted to military operational headquarters against Pakistan. The propaganda against Islam and Islamic extremism already had the world worried. The terrorist attacks in Pakistan in the name of Islamic extremism, especially the suicide attacks, made world intelligentsia extremely worried about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Terrorists especially targeted army buildings and armed personnel. Suicide bombers appeared from somewhere to target the ISI and members of the air force and army. Camps of Pak-army are attacked in the dark of night, and after a slaughter of all the soldiers, the dead bodies are strewn around. The Pak-army restrained from retaliation to avoid killing innocent people. This makes them vulnerable to two types of attack: physical attacks by guerrillas in the tribal areas and media attacks from analysts who view their casualties as a Pathan’s revenge and a reaction to their deployment in tribal areas.

The reality in the tribal areas is that not only are trained agents of India and Afghanistan fighting the Pak-army, but the regular army of both countries is fighting as well. This is fully supported by US. In fact if Pak army hadn’t been sent to these areas the situation would have been much worse. The Pak-army and the government wasted a lot of time trying to make deals with much time in deals with the militants’ leaders. But the true agenda of these militants is neither peace nor implementing Islamic Law.

Construction work in Multan on M4 is about to start. China has already constructed M8 (also known as the Coastal Highway)

Let’s now discuss another aspect of this topic, which few readers will know of. India signed a deal with Iran in 2003 to develop an Iranian port (Cha Bahar) near Gawadar. Which was funded by Iran with development planning to be completed by Indian engineers. Afterwards that port was connected to a ring road built by US in Afghanistan at the point of Delaram via a highway. To help Iran, India also built a 500 km two way road along Iran’s border between the Afghan cities Zarang and Delaram. It is known as highway one, or Zarang-Delaram road as well. Also many parts of the road from Cha Bahar port to Zarang were built by Indian engineers. While the American ring road is connected in west to Kandahar, after passing through Lashkar gah, Delaram, Farh-o-farhaat to the north in Qila-e-no, and in east to Kabul. On the other side this road extends to Kabul via Gazni. This ring road is also connected to roads coming from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

In last ten years, the US has spent billions of dollars to build bridges on narrow mountain paths, passes and tunnels. Investment made by Japan and India is another issue. But fighting for freedom, the Afghanis have destroyed all of them. The allies have been unable to defend these bridges with all their latest weapons. At present the ring road and the Indian built Zarang-Delaram road has become murder central for travellers. According to American research institutes, there are 35 well equipped Afghan armed groups who have one but one purpose, i.e. to destroy bridges and roads, murder travellers on these roads, especially those supporting the Allies, and to ambush the convoys of allied armed forces.

For this reason it has become impossible for the Allies to move in this area without air support. America and India blame China, which has ruined all their trade plans in Afghanistan by India and America. Neither the Afghan police or army is ready to come near these deadly roads. This is the reason the US has changed command in Afghanistan and increased their troops. Although the Obama government has made an offer to China to mutually benefit from the Karakorum Phase II via the Indus Highwayto Gawadar, on condition that this trade route doesn’t enter to China from Pakistan but from Tajikistan.

The above article was written in 2010, since then a lot of changes have happened. Thousands of civilians and military personnel had to pay with their blood , Pakistani military launched numerous offensives against Taliban strong holds in the North Western part of Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was allegedly found from a compound in Abbottabad by US Navy seals in a special operation which violated Pakistani sovereignty and later his body was allegedly disposed off in the sea. Countless places of worship were destroyed as a result of talibanization. The chaos was catalysed by incompetent governments and deteriorating social conditions. Poverty and illiteracy fueled the armies of so called mujahideen.

In 2013 Pakistan experienced one of the most rigged elections, which resulted in the victory of PML-N a pro-Taliban political party. Movements against the corruption and suicidal policies of the government were launched by opposition parties which resulted in the deaths of many civilians who were protesting for their rights. Model Town Massacre took place on 17th June 2014 where 16 people including 2 women were shot dead and another 100 were injured by the police, the massacre was carried out by the orders of the government, but the culprits are still in power. Many more were killed in mass protests in the nations capital on the night of 30-31 August 2014.

16 December was another dark day for Pakistan when Taliban attacked Army Public School in Peshawar, the attack left 150+ students and teachers dead. This led towards a massive operation against the Taliban through out the country, but attacks didn`t cease. In April-May the  Chinese President arrived in Pakistan and an agreement was reached over Pak-China Economic Corridor, which would give China control over Gwadar port. 

This agreement was taken as a threat by India and with in a few days a bus full of Ismaeli-Shia commuters was targeted and 47 people were killed. A few days later Indian  officials stated that Pak-China Economic Corridor is against the interest of India and that no stone would be left unturned to sabotage this corridor. 

Now as Pakistan and China move closer to each other for economic and military co-operation, some elements within India have begun to beat drums of war. If you look at South Asia right now, you can see that the region is heading towards a boiling point and currently countries are aligning themselves for the tipping point. Bangladesh is aligning herself with India and Pakistan and China are increasing co-operation with Sri-Lanka which suffered decades of unrest due to Indian and Israeli sponsored terrorism in the form of Tamil Tigers. While Afghanistan, under the weak Ashraf Ghani led government is struggling to stay neutral after almost a decade of pro-Indian government.

The next few weeks and months will define the direction of this rapidly changing situation in South-Asia.


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