CIA ordered assassination of the first Prime Minister of Pakistan

Pakistan today ( click here to read the original story ) broke the news that according to declassified CIA documents, the assassination of the first Prime Minister and one of the founding fathers of Pakistan was ordered by CIA and carried out by an Afghan assassin.


According to the documents, the United States wanted to get contracts of oil resources in Iran. Pakistan and Iran enjoyed cordial ties and Afghanistan used to be an enemy of Pakistan during 1950-51. The neighbouring Afghanistan was the only country that did not accept Pakistan at that time.

The US demanded Pakistan use its influence in Tehran and persuade it to transfer control of its oil fields to the US.

Liaquat Ali Khan declined to accede to the request, saying he would not use his friendship for dishonest purposes and not interfere in personal affairs of Iran.

On which, then US President Harry Truman had threatened to Liaquat Ali Khan. Not only that, Liaquat Ali Khan also demanded that the US vacate air bases in Pakistan, dropping a bombshell on Americans.

Following the development, American started search of murderer for assassinating Khan. They did not find a suitable person in Pakistan and then turned to Afghanistan for this purpose, according to the documents.

The audio recording of his last speech is present and the sound of 2 shots which assassinated Liaquat Ali Khan can be heard clearly.

Pakistan got independence from British imperialists in 1947, the very next year, founder of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed away and in 1951 Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated. Following the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, the country saw political turmoil which came to a halt when martial law was imposed by General Iskandar Mirza.

Had Pakistan been allowed to be moulded into form by her founding fathers, the outlook of this country would have been different today. American establishment has to understand that us Pakistanis are not anti-American, we are anti-any one who wishes to impose their will upon us by force- .

CIA ,MOSSAD, RAW and KHAD have always meddled in our internal affairs. Pakistani`s are still trying hard to wrestle out of the grip of these foreign masters and their puppets who have been installed over us. We haven`t forgotten how Isreal had F-16`s ready to strike on our nuclear reactors back in 90`s. Whenever Pakistan`s sovereignty has been under threat, we have been alone, our so-called allies,except a few have always deserted us in times of need. Yet still we have held our own, since 1947 and will continue to do so.

Rest in Peace Liaquat Ali Khan ( Shaheed e Millat – Martyr of the Nation )



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