2 months since APS attack!

2 months ago scenes of carnage and utmost brutality shook the entire Pakistani nation when terrorists carried out inhumane massacre of 150+ students in Army Public School and College in Peshawar. Terrorists of Taliban came and shot students one by one, specifically targeting those students who came from military families. The accounts of the massacre are too painful to be narrated in full. The terrorists beheaded some, while the burned others alive. Some students were made to sit in groups and were blown into bits and pieces by explosives.

Immediately after the attack, it seemed as if the whole nation had united. Political differences were cast aside and for a moment it seemed as if the blood of 150+ innocent little martyrs had knocked some sense in to our politicians.

Our gullible nation was once again wrong. Our political leadership is incapable of taking any decision which might benefit the nation. The resolve to take the fight to the terrorists was forgotten. Those terrorists took 30 minutes to execute all the victims in the most brutal manner possible but 60 days later our government hasn`t even executed 30 terrorists who have been sentenced to death!

Furthermore, during this time 2 major terrorist attacks have happened, one in Shikarpur and another in Peshawar. The military is doing all it can, but it can`t win this bloody war alone. Gen Raheel Shareef is just one man. It`ll be wrong on our part to expect him to manage the entire Army and also do what the incompetent civilian leadership should have done.

Federal and Provincial governments have done nothing but create more hurdles for the Armed forces in this war. Political parties have been exposed as having ties with terrorist organizations. The extent of incapability of politicians is such that they can`t even punish the culprits of Baldia town factory fire.

In such a situation, one cannot expect that incidents like APS will not happen again. Wars are not won by armies, nations win wars while armies defend the borders. In our case, our nation is not with the armed forces. We are divided, we aren`t even clear about this war. We have vocal elements within our society who declare terrorists as our misguided brothers and our own country men. Unless and until public categorically rejects such elements becomes a single unit to back up the armed forces, blood will keep flowing! This land is not barren yet, she`ll keep producing sons and daughters who`ll be more than willing to sacrifice their blood for this ungrateful nation.



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